Jacob Latimore (@jacoblatimore) Kills The Cover of Kontrol Homme (@kontrolmag) w/ His “Collateral Beauty!”

jacob latimore

Some boys got it, and some boys don’t!

Jacob Latimore definitely has it!

By “it” we mean the look, the skill, the talent, and the willpower to be one of the entertainment industry’s megastars. We have had the privilege of watching grow from a cool kid to a confident and capable young man who is ready to take on the world with a new movie, Collateral Beauty, and new album, Connection in tow.

Naturally we had to snag him for Kontrol Homme’s latest cover on The Anniversary Issue; where we are celebrating the magazine’s first anniversary! Jacob is the perfect person to for this cover as he has a lot to celebrate and even more to talk about. Check out a snippet of his interview with our CEO and Atlanta Blogger, Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning below!

jacob latimore

Is it just us, or do some people seem to be destined for greatness? The talent, the appeal, the hard work, and the willpower to be the best are all attributes any rising star must have to make their way in the entertainment industry. Truly no one knows this better than singer, actor, dancer, model, and heartthrob, Jacob Latimore! Jacob is truly one of the industry’s most captivating young talents. Someone we have all had the pleasure of either watching grow up, or grew up with. Although he has been pretty successful in his own right, he continues to reach for the stars beyond the stars with a new movie, Collateral Beauty, a new album, and proving to the world he is now “all grown up!”

jacob latimore

They say the grind never stops, and the hustle never quits. Right now Jacob is definitely feeling the burn with multiple projects in the works. “This year has been super, super busy; probably one of the busiest years I’ve had in a while. I just finished up my third film in Boston, it’s untitled right now, a Captain Bigelow project…I’m starring alongside Will Smith and Edward Norton in this film called ‘Collateral Beauty’ coming out in December and I’m really, really excited about that one; being around Helen Mirren and Kate Winslet…That’s probably going to be my introduction to Hollywood I think…I’m excited about the process of that and working on my album, ‘Connection.’”

jacob latimore

Critics are already raving about Collateral Beauty and there is even Oscar buzz surrounding it. The film centers on Howard Inlet, a man (Will Smith) who retreats from life after the loss of his six year old daughter. He begins to question The Universe and writes letters to Death (Helen Mirren), Time, and Love (Keira Knightley). Much to his surprise, and our dismay, each one of these abstract entities pay him a visit in person. Jacob portrays “Raffi/Time” in the film, and warns Howard he is wasting him. The film seems to be a portmanteau of Eat, Pray, Love meets Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol! “It’s sort of a very therapeutic movie…It’s set around Christmas time, but not really a Christmas movie, but sort of a movie about life and healing; and how people are moving on, need to express themselves, and get things out. What’s really unique about the film is you see those three abstractions sort of match the circumstances of his friends that around him.”

Mr. Latimore reveals he learned a lot working with such an all-star cast, most of which are Academy Award winners or nominees. “I think it was incredible and once I booked the film and started meeting directors and producers I felt like God was telling me that this is the level I could be headed towards if I stay on the right track. I’m really excited just to introduce myself into Hollywood with this film and just show I can go toe to toe with the A-Listers…I can carry a film, I can hold my own, and make sure that I’m doing my part…” We agree that Jacob is in his element amongst the greats of Tinsel Town. He has an always been very talented and is a great actor. We loved him in Black Nativity (2013), and it is definitely time for some fresh faces at the top!

To see the rest of Jacob’s interview simply head click here! Congrats Jacob & Happy reading!

Photograhy by Will Sterling, Styling by Julian R. Lark, Sakeya Donaldson assisted by M. Lashea Grooming by Jessica Ammons

Wardrobe provided by Threadz Atlanta, KWYS, Adidas, Vans & Karma Originals


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