The Results Are In: Stevie J is the Father of Joseline Hernandez’s Baby!

joseline hernandez and stevie j

*in my Maury voice* When it comes to Joseline’s unborn baby, Stevie you ARE the father.

According to TMZ and a DNA test, hip hop producer  and Love and Hip Hop stat Stevie J is indeed the father to his former flame Joseline Hernandez’s unborn child.

via TMZ:

Stevie’s DNA test result showed he indeed did the deed – according to new docs he filed – and now that he KNOWS, he’s asking for visitation rights… But also for primary physical custody. Doesn’t make sense, but maybe he’s covering all his bases.

Joseline’s due on January 9th, and in the docs he says he absolutely wants to be in the delivery room.

Stevie’s repeating his request for Joseline to be drug tested because he claims she’s abused drugs and alcohol throughout her pregnancy and fears it’s effected the fetus. He wants the infant drug tested within twenty-four hours of birth.

Also in the docs is an alleged text message Stevie claims is from Joseline which reads “You will NEVER see your daughter f*** n***!”

Sidebar: Didn’t she just have her baby shower at the strip club complete with strippers, reality stars and booze to boot? You know what, I’m not even going to touch that smh.


Oooh chile, this is some messy stuff here. I’m not even going to lie, Stevie and Joseline used to be one of my favorite couples to watch on TV but during this last season or so I’ve grown to appreciate them apart from one another. They have one of those relationships I would deem ‘extremely toxic’ but for the sake of their unborn baby girl, I hope they can at least be cordial co-parents.

We can’t do an explosive post like this without asking for the family’s opinion. Sound off below lovelies because it’s definitely   time for #OpinionHour.

Written By: Monique C. Tillman

monique c. tillman

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