[VIDEO] Watch 2 Chainz (@2Chainz) Unveil The Most “Expensivest” Ugly Christmas Sweater Worth $90,000 USD

It wasn’t too long ago when major Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz gifted social media with ugly Christmas sweaters. In fact, it was just a year ago to be exact. Yes, 2 Chainz took the unusual trend and made millions of his own collection of ugly Christmas sweaters. I know what you’re saying, “what does that have to do with anything now?” Well as of just a week ago, not only is he back with yet another ugly sweater collection to grace the internet; this time in an effort to benefit his T.R.U. Foundation charity, which directs its aid and funds towards supporting the communities of South Atlanta. 2 Chainz presents the most “expensivest” ugly Christmas sweater on the market.

Yes, you heard it here, well actually GQ reported it first, but nonetheless, 2 Chainz just dropped an ugly Christmas sweater that retails for a staggering $90,000 USD. According to GQ online, for another extravagant episode of the popular video series “Most Expensivest Sh*t”, where host 2 Chainz travels around the world to experience first hand the most “expensivest” sh*t known to man, from cars to food. 2 Chainz teams up with Avianne & Co Jewelers to present the most “expensivest” ugly Christmas tree sweater.

2 Chainz teams up with Avianne & Co Jewelers to present the most “expensivest” ugly Christmas tree sweater.

Along with his latest Dabbin’ Santa collection which is available now, the Atlanta rapper has just raised the bar for every high marketed Christmas release this holiday season. Avianne & Co and 2 Chainz designed the $90,000 USD Christmas sweater, becoming the most outrageously-priced holiday wear in existence. Ornamented in 250 grams of gold and 50 carats of diamond this is definitely one for the records. Take a look behind-the-scenes to see the sweater in a video released by GQ today.

Watch the clip above and head over to 2 Chainz’s official Webstore to purchase this expensive sh*t. Your dope for reading!

Written By: Mark Pollarrd

mark pollard

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