[VIDEO] 12/26/2016- “Take A Moment”

Hey Mikey,

My girl broke up with me on Christmas. She says my temper is too much for her. I have never put my hand on her or any woman and I never would. I just like things a certain way. I was going to propose to her on Christmas Eve. I had the restaurant, music, ring, and was ready for everything. I even spoke the manager of the restaurant telling him how everything had to go right. He assured me it would.

angry man

First, they could not find our reservations when we got there, then they got her order messed up. When I confronted the waiter about it my girl got mad with me and told me to calm down. Since I’m paying for all this shit I figure she should have what she wanted and demanded to speak to the manager. By then my girl was ready to go. I got pissed and knocked my plate off the table. I apologized but she stormed out and then came over this morning with my stuff. I told her she was being spineless and overreacting. She told me we were threw. I’ve been going over this in my head all day. I don’t wanna break up. How do I win her back? She won’t speak to me.

-How Did This Happen?

***How Did This Happen, you really need to take a moment, breathe, and reflect on the events of the last forty-eight hours. You really do seem to have a temper problem. Flexibility, love, and trust are integral components to life and romance; and keep you from losing the people you love. Things rarely go as we plan or want them to, but we have to roll with the punches. You let a few mishaps ruin what should have been an unforgettable night. Give your girl sometime to cool down and in the meantime enroll in an anger management class. That gives her some time to clear her head, decide what she wants to do, and possibly forgive you for calling her spineless! (Get the fuck outta here!) It will also show you’re trying to change. Good luck!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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