[VIDEO/Pictures] “Grow The F*ck Up!” Michael B. Jordan Addresses Gay Rumors!

Hot male celebrities and gay rumors go together like peanut butter and jelly.

This time around the target is actor, Michael B. Jordan!

This past weekend a man alleging he had a sexual relationship with the actor took to Instagram sharing details about their alleged relationship! Read them below, but we have to warn you they are explicit!

michael b. jordan gay rumors

michael b. jordan gay rumors

michael b. jordan

Yikes this is MESSY! Michael usually flies below the radar when it comes to scandals or rumors like these. He has since responded to these allegations via SnapChat stating, “I usually don’t comment creep, but you know, today I got time. So look, whoever’s angry, bitter, upset for whatever reason, grow the f*ck up. Cuz karma’s real. And I usually take the high road, I usually don’t say shit, I just let it roll…” You can see the full video below!

Wherever or whoever this “tradeatl247” guy is we definitely would like to know if he really has these videos. Lots of people talk, but none ever have any real proof. Honestly people need to do just like Michael recommends and grow the fuck up! Does it really matter what he does in his bedroom or with his private parts? It really is funny, however, and not surprising the epicenter of these rumors is right here in Atlanta! We are calling all minions for details or any “new” news concerning this story!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

michael fanning kontrol magazine hey mikey atl

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