Crossing Our Fingers! T.I. & Tiny Might Be Reconciling Despite Divorce Filing!

t.i. and tiny

There are a few celebrity couples we really want to see make it and T.I. and Tiny are one of them. This couple may have only been married for six years, but they have been rocking together for nearly twenty! That definitely says a lot. Although we know people grow apart, we still believe their love has a chance.

t.i and tiny

According to TMZ and Love B. Scott, The Harrises may be trying to work things out instead of rushing to divorce, despite Tiny’s surprising filing.

via Love B. Scott:

t.i and tiny the family hustle

T.I. and Tiny might not be over just yet.

Even though Tiny filed divorce papers on December 7th, the two have reportedly been talking things out in recent days. According to TMZ, ‘the two have gotten together in person at least twice’ and ‘things got romantic’ between them. They even spent Christmas together.

The report also says that there are still ‘major issues’ with the relationship and that ‘trust’ is a big issue for both sides.

Tiny’s been holding T.I. down for 20 years now…divorce at this point seems like a big deal.

We hope they’re able to work it out in a way that’s healthy and fulfilling for both sides.

We are going to echo Love B. Scott’s hopes again. Tip and Tiny really need to focus their hustle towards keeping their marriage and family together. We know Tiny has asked for physical custody of their children together and alimony, but “it ain’t over ’til it’s over!” We are also wondering what will become of their show. It does boast some of VH-1’s highest ratings. We will keep you posted as we learn more about what is going between these two. Hopefully we will report some good news about all of this soon! Be sure to comment your thought about all of this below!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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