[VIDEO] Disturbing…Azealia Banks Cleans Chicken Feathers & Blood Out Her “Brujeria” Closet; Sia (@sia) Claps Back!

azealia banks

2016 has been a crazy year! For one celebrity, however, 2016 was just a crazy blip in her even crazier life!

Yes, we are talking Azealia Banks and are latest antics are a doozy!

Today she posted a video on her Instagram where she was seen cleaning out her “brujeria” closet. Brujeria, is the Spanish word for witchcraft, and Azealia alleges she has been practicing it for years. “Three years worth of ‘brujeria,’” she says in the clip.

Where it all gets disturbing is what she is cleaning out of the closet, chicken blood and feathers! Check the video out below:

azealia banks

We do not judge others religious practices, but seeing that closet and blood is rather creepy! Those poor chickens! Singer, Sia, had her own two cents and opinion, however, when it came to Azealia’s practices.  Azealia Banks would not be true to herself if she did not clapback; and had her own response to Sia. Check it out via The Shade Room below:

I thought #AzealiaBanks was going to be nice now 😩 #Sia

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You can learn more about brujeria by clicking here What do you guys think though? Creepy or not? Comment below!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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