[VIDEO/PICS] The Kidz Attack! Kim Burrell’s (@KimBurrellLove) Wikipedia Page Hacked After Homophobic Rant!

kim burrell

Pastor and gospel singer, Kim Burrell is currently persona non grata in the LGBT community!

Yesterday, a video surfaced with Kim declaring homosexuality not only to be wrong, but perverted. Check out what else she had to say below:

via Love B. Scott

In the video, she asks anyone afflicted with the ‘homosexual spirit’ to pray to God for deliverance. She then refers to homosexuality as a spirit of ‘delusion’ and ‘confusion’ before calling out homosexuals as ‘perverted.’

She also makes reference to Bishop’s Eddie Long’s illness in connection with homosexual activity.

Now, Kim’s not the first ‘Christian’ woman to preach against the gays — but the gotcha is that she’s scheduled to appear on ‘Ellen’ with Pharrell Williams on January 5th.

Does she not know Ellen is one of those ‘perverted’ homosexuals she’s speaking so negatively about?

kim burrell

Kim seems to have realized how quickly this all went south and how her words may have offended some. She has since issued an apology that you can see below.

It may be too little too late with this apology Ms. Burrell! The “Kidz”, as we and Beyonce like to call them, are fickle and tender-hearted, and do not take lightly homophobia. In fact they have already hacked her Wikipedia page! We have to admit whoever did this is petty and should be taking the higher road, but it is hilarious. You can see their edits below!

kim burrell wikipedia page hacked kim burrell wikipedia page hacked

We really hope this does not affect the chance  for her song with Pharrell, “I See A Victory” to win a Grammy. It is safe to say Kim’s career, or at the very least her mainstream success, is over!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

michael fanning kontrol magazine hey mikey atl

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