#CelebrityCrush- Juan Pablo Di Pace (@juanpablodipace)

juan pablo di pace

It’s the first Monday of the New Year and I am so amped up for this forthcoming year. Seriously, I have so much planned for this year I’m going to need two of me to get it all done lol. But as you all know, it’s Monday here at our offices and over at Hey Mikey ATL, Monday’s are dedicated to the hottest of the hot, the sexiest of Tinsel Town and some of the most talented leading men of this day and age. The first TV heartthrob we’re shining a light for is none other than Juan Pablo di Pace!

A shirtless Juan Pablo di Pace

Juan Pablo Di Pace is a multicultural heartthrob, born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he moved with his family to Spain when he was 12 years old. He lived in London for 10 years. He speaks fluent Italian, Spanish and English. Juan Pablo Di Pace can be noted as a worlwide actor, having appeared in the London musical Chicago and being the poster boy for the production shown all over the United Kingdom. He also played the role of Danny Zuko in the Trieste production of ‘Grease’ in Italy, partly directed by Di Pace. For two years, he was Tony Manero in the 2009-2010 Spanish production of ‘Saturday Night Fever’ in Madrid, which won him critical acclaim by the European press.

In 2013, Di Pace was cast as series regular billionaire businessman Nicolás Treviño for season 3 of the TNT hit drama series ‘Dallas’. These days,Juan Pablo Di Pace can be found on the hit Netflix reboot “Fuller House” in the role of Kimmy Gibbler’s obsessed but good natured ex-husband Fernando. 

We’d be lying if we said watching Juan Pablo’s moves as Fernando on Fuller House didn’t get us hot and bothered. There’s nothing sexier than a man who can move on the dance floor. Juan Pablo Di Pace, you’ve got yourself a couple of fans in us!

Written By: Monique C. Tillman

monique c. tillman


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