New Music Alert: Traedonya (@TRAEDONYA) Releases First EP After 5 1/2 Years


Traedonya is not new to the music scene. In fact, she is known as “The Bride Of The New Funk Hip Opera”. The singer/songwriter first appeared on the music scene back in 1987 with her first single “Do The Boogaloo”. Since then the Bronx native has worked with X-Clan and was also the lead singer for “Sample This!” Traedonya has also worked and studied with jazz artist Bernard “Pretty” Purdie, Chico Hamilton, and Reggie Workman. Traedonya has perfected her sound throughout the years and is now ready to reintroduce herself to the music scene.

Singer/Songwriter Traedonya

Traedonya’s new EP is called “4 Portraits”. This EP will be the first official release for Traedonya in over five and half years. This music project is not your run of the mill EP. It is multidimensional and it will have the listener travel between music, art, and sports seamlessly. Traedonya has chosen four sports legends to feature in her project. Each sports figure chosen by Traedonya is iconic in their own way. The sports figures featured on the “4 Portraits” EP are Derek Jeter (baseball), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (basketball), Pele (soccer), and Jim Brown (American Football). All sports figures chosen will be featured as painted portraits as well as be featured in a song. There is also a bonus track and portrait called “Concrete Rose”. The bonus song is based on tennis icon Serena Williams.

Get Your Copy

The EP can be pre-ordered now through iTunes for $2.99, but the official release date is scheduled for February 17th. The special price point for the EP was given for a reason. According to Traedonya, the price point gives her listeners even more reason to check her out. There has also been a Go Fund Me campaign started in efforts to help out with stage development for upcoming tour dates. Traedonya wants to give her audience a fully immersive experience.

So, what are your thoughts? Do you like the concept of Traedonya’s “4 Portraits” EP? Will you be pre-ordering your copy soon? Let me know in the comments.

Written By: Ronda Brooks

ronda brooks

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