[VIDEO] Signal 23 TV’s New Series, “Climax,” Will Leave You Breathless!

climax signal 23 tv

Signal 23 TV never misses on delivery the hottest web series the internet has to offer! We were enamored by Steel River, amazed by About Him, fell in love with About Her and About Justin; but their latest series on the network may very well be its greatest–Climax!

climax signal 23 tv

Niko Love and Arquez, stars of “Climax”

Starring Award-winning entertainer, Arquez, and introducing Niko Love; the series centers on a pair of young men in love with each other all the while chasing dreams of stardom and money. The series is interestingly a portmanteau of About Him with elements of Fox’s Empire. 

The grind, the hustle, the drama, the sex, and determination all resonate with anyone who has come from nothing and fighting to have it all!  Check out the extended trailer below.

We watched the first episode of the series and can see why it has garnered the network’s highest debut of any series premiered thus far! The chemistry between Arquez and Niko is amazing and magnetic! You feel the angst, suspense, and hope in each of these characters. Interestingly, you do not “Climax,” instead you are left wanting–no, craving–more and more!

You can view the uncensored versions of Climax, for purchase, by clicking here. Trust us you will want to see these sexy men in all their glory! Check back for more updates on the series and a few interviews coming soon! Happy Viewing and have an even Happier New Year!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning


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