Addicted To Intercourse? Tyson Anthony’s (@authortysona) “Entercourse” Will Hit All Your Spots!

entercourse poster

It truly is the age of web series! New ones seem to be debuting by the day. However, that does not mean they all deserve our attention. Thankfully, Tyson Anthony, the creator of About Him and Pharm: The Series is back with another addictive series, Entercourse! Entercourse shows us a different type of addiction–porn addiction–and how the pitfalls is causes a young gay couple. Check out the trailer below!

The couple, Rocky and Miles, although loving and supportive of one another, have a lackluster sex life. Their bedroom issues are all due to Rocky’s addiction to porn. Rather than focusing on Miles, his family, and other responsibilities; he spends his days masturbating, watching porn, subscribing to new porn, masturbating more, and watching more porn! Tiring of his boyfriend’s neglect, Miles receives an enticing offer from his seemingly straight and open-minded co-worker, Drew. The plot only thickens from there as Miles and Rocky must contend with the latter’s addiction, while Drew finds himself with new interests.

The sex, the fantasy, and the curiosity of Entercourse is nothing short of shocking, but believable. In the Digital Age we all know someone who is a little too attached to their porn collection. In fact many of us are card carrying members of XTube or have the ever so handy MyVidster app! We were able to see the first five episodes of the season and cannot wait for more. However, in critiquing it we really wish the episodes lasted at least half an hour and that there were more characters in the show.

You can rent or purchase the first five episodes of the series by visiting!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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