It’s No Longer “About Him!” Signal 23 TV (@mr23atl) & Brandon Karson (@mrbrandonkarson) Part Ways!

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“Out with the old, in with the new.” That’s a saying that goes perfectly with any new year and sometimes people, places, and situations. 2016 was chalked full of momentous events, one of which was the runaway hit web series, About Him. The show won the hearts of thousands of people nationwide, and has fans eagerly anticipating its second season.

about him

Well we have some news–Brandon Karson will NOT be a part of the series’ second season, nor is he involved with Signal 23 TV any longer.

Brandon, who portrayed the series’ main character, “Damien,” took to Facebook recently, and posted a message informing fans of his departure from About Him. Check it out below:

brandon karson leaves about him

We reached out to Brandon for further commentary, but he states this post is his official statement in regard to what has happened. Naturally, there are two sides to every story and we reached out to the CEO/Director of Signal 23 TV, “Mr. 23” himself, Henderson Maddox; for a statement concerning Brandon’s departure. Henderson, thankfully, gave us his take on the situation in a brief Q & A:

1. Did Brandon resign or was he terminated? If it is the latter, why?
First I would like to thank you for the time and your platform to clear up any rumors. It saddens me that these steps had to be taken.  Before the last few days I would like to say neither. After unfavorable behavior my team and I decided to take a step back momentarily to thoroughly evaluate how to move forward with Mr. Karson. Lets just say there were some business dealings that were unfavorable and we wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and research a further. Ironically days later the entire cast of About Him was brung into the office to let them know that the story of About Him would not continue with the character of Damien as the story line. This was something I had been facing for about two to three months that had absolutely nothing to do with any of the cast members. It was a hard decision to make but in this business you are faced with difficult decisions. 
continued on the next page…

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2. What will become of About Him? Can we expect a second season with Brandon’s character recast?
There is no recast for the character of Damien.  We are working on some really great content. And not that you won’t see About Him again, at this time we can’t discuss what is in the works. This entire move in silence was to protect everyone associated with the brand to be sure no one was blamed for anything. As the creator it is my job and responsibility to create so my fan base continues to support. I started the network four years ago and much of what I have done I have done alone. Furthermore if you never see About Him again I should be the person to stand and face the fans no one else. However trust that I got you like I always have and trust in my ability and creativity to deliver something worth your while. About Him was not just the story of Damien it was the story of everyone in the community who has faced adversity in their life while trying to find themselves. And that story will never die. 
3. Where do you currently stand with Brandon on personal and professional terms?
Brandon and his fellow cast mates all signed Non-Disclosure agreements, meaning they could not discuss the fate of the series with anyone nor could they post on any social media platforms. What was done was a merely a cry for attention. We are working on a new show in which many of the cast of About Him are a part of. I can guess that someone wanted to throw a tantrum because they were not included. However this is a business not a friendship, we don’t owe anyone a part. We cast based on type, fit and need.  As stated before there were some outside business dealings in which my team and I were not found of. So Mr. Karson was indeed put on the back burner for a while until we understood the true motives. We try and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. They are young and naive at times however that’s not excuse to do things that unfavorable to the brand.  But to simply answer the question after the exchange of events there is not a personal nor professional relationship between Brandon Karson and Henderson Maddox at this time. 
about him poster
4. What do the other cast members think of what has transpired? Were any of them terminated or are planning to resign?
Again no one was terminated. We are a legit business and everyone who has ever been terminated has received an official notice. Acting is an independent contractor business. Has been for a long time. You work the run of your current contract and if people want to bring you back they do, if they don’t, they don’t. Seasoned actors know this. 
5. Now that he has left the company, do you see any area where either of you could have mediated the issues in your relationship?
Communication is the key to anything. If he had any questions he could have reached out to have a conversation, but the thing is when someone does wrong, they know they have done wrong. So the post was a plea to grab hold of any attention he could before it was to late. 
6. How do you feel about what has transpired? Could you all ever work together again?
Throughout 2016 I made a lot of mistakes. The biggest mistake was treating actors like family. Taking care of them, providing for them, supporting them.  So you see when you take that away from a child they will cry because they feel they need it to survive. When someone’s first words of argument is comparing what you do for others it’s easy to identify the true problem. I find myself always trying to fix everyone but that focus should have been on fixing myself, preparing myself for the road ahead.  At this time Mr. Karson has made it quite obvious he no longer cares to work for my company and with that the feelings are now mutual. Moving forward I will aim to work with true thespians at heart, not someone seeking validations from the number of followers on a social media platform. Not someone who gets upset because his co-star is getting more attention than he is. Someone who cares about the craft enough to learn about the business, who takes acting classes to better themselves, and is not chasing fame but chasing a God ordained purpose. With that being said I am now casting! We are having a casting during MLK weekend in Atlanta. Come one come all! Stay Tuned……
Thank you Mikey again happy new year! 
Again, it is a new year which means new beginnings for everyone, including Signal 23 TV and Brandon. We wish both parties involved the best of luck.
Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning
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  1. Sounds like a lot of bullshit! Looking for true thespians? Have you seen some of the people that are cast? I mean his response alone, was riddled with mistakes! I fell in love with the story line of the first season, completely changing it up is just stupid, especially when you originally billed it as Damien heading off to college, now you use same actors, change their character names, and flip the script! It is a shame when directors have no integrity!

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