[PHOTOS] In Eggplant News: ALLEGED Nude Pix of Sheree Whitfield’s Son, Kairo, Get Leaked!

kairo whitfield shirtless

New year, new eggplant! Yes, we are back with new eggplant and they ALLEGEDLY belong to Sheree Whitfield’s son, Kairo.

You may already know Kairo from his appearances alongside his mother, father, Bob Whitfield, and  sisters on The Real Houswewives of Atlanta.

sheree whitfield and kairo whitfield

Sheree Whitfield, with her son, Kairo Whitfield

We have watched Kairo grow from a little kid to a more than strapping and handsome young man! Just peep a few of his grown up pictures below:

Nice right? Well apparently and again, ALLEGEDLY, someone thought other parts of Kairo were even more fun and sent them to Fameolous! You can check them out on the next page.  We must warn you the pictures are graphic! VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!

via Fameolous

kairo whitfield penis


Again these are allegedly his, but the last time we had to use “alleged” and eggplant in the same post, Ginuwine’s penis was the topic of conversation. If this is Kairo, perhaps Bob and Sheree should have a serious talk with him about sexting. Then again, he is a milennial and sexting is the new dating (LOL)!


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