[VIDEO] Disney’s Pixar (@DisneyPixar) Strikes Again: Lightning McQueen & “Cars 3” Headed To A Theater Near You

cars 3 movie poster lightning mcqueen

It has been about six years since the last installment of Disney Pixar’s animated movie of “Cars 2” debuted. Fans have been patiently waiting to see Lightning McQueen again. Well, good news is on the horizon and the wait is almost over. Soon Disney Pixar’s “Cars 3” will be racing towards a theater near you.

Disney Pixar's Cars 3

This time around, Lightning McQueen is coming to realize that he is not as young and fast as he use to be. A new crew of blazing fast racer show up, and suddenly McQueen is being forced out of racing. McQueen tries desperately to get back in the game but in order to succeed, he will need the help of young race technician. Unfortunately, the race technician has a winning plan of her own. The two will have to learn how to work together in order to prove that McQueen isn’t finished with racing just yet.

Disney Pixar's Cars 3

Cruz Ramirex

New Characters

The “Cars 3” movie will introduce a few new characters; two of which will be Jackson Storm and Cruz Ramirez. Jackson Storm was built to race with his fast and sleek design. Storm has a confidence and cocky attitude that intimidates the others. Mix that attitude with Strom’s unmatched speeds and you have a racer that just may be unbeatable. Cruz Ramirez is an unconventional trainer at the Racing Center. Cruz helps out the rookies by providing them with cutting edge tools to help them on the tracks. Cruz wants to help her long-time idol McQueen get back on top but she knows that his competition has grown to be faster than ever.

Disney Pixar's Cars 3

Jackson Storm

The anticipated animation was written by Robert L. Baird and Dan Gerson. The film was directed by Brian Fee and produced by Kevin Reher. John Lasseter served as executive producer on the project. The celebrities who lent their voices to the project are Owen Wilson, Larry The Cable Guy, Bonnie Hunt, Cheech Marin, Michael Wallis, Paul Dooley, Michael Keaton, and John Ratzenberger. The movie is set to be released on June 16, 2017.

In the meantime, you can check out the teaser trailer below.

Written By: Ronda Brooks

ronda brooks

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