A HeyMikeyATL Exclusive: Discourse & “Entercourse” w/ Web Star, David Hall!

david hall david hall entercourse

It is easy to believe that all things are possible thanks to the internet. Now, thanks to a few bold directors, the “Great Digital Way” may bring about the demise of television as we know it; as web series grow more and more popular by the day! We were all smitten this past summer with About Him, but the wonder and amazement of web series does not stop there. Get ready to get your “digital rocks” off with Entercourse!  Entercourse is a riveting new web series from the creator of About Him and Pharm The Series, Tyson Anthony.

It centers on a young gay couple, Miles (Jerome Parker) and Rocky (Elijah Black), who seemingly have a good relationship—but their sex life has room for improvement. Unbeknownst to Miles, Rocky is addicted to porn and this disrupts everything between the two of them from dates to the most “intimate” situations. Miles, however, may find the release he needs when his seemingly straight friend/coworker, Drew, makes him a tempting offer.

Drew, portrayed by David Hall is sexy, curious, and humorous. David, however,  seems to be more laid back, centered, and reserved. In fact, he is still adjusting to becoming a web star. “It’s interesting; it’s something I never thought I’d be doing… I mean everybody wants to be an actor or model or something, but to get the opportunity has just been amazing—very fast—but very amazing.” His involvement with Entercourse came when Tyson reached out to him via Instagram. “I got a direct message basically explaining the premise of the show and he said to me if you’re interested let me know, and I was like why not try it. So he sent me over the script  and two parts to audition and a couple days later he told me I got the part and the rest is on Vimeo [he laughs].” He admits Tyson initially had him read for the roles of Drew and Miles, but decided the former role would be the perfect fit for him. We definitely agree Tyson’s casting decision for David. He did an amazing job as the “seemingly straight, but flirtatious friend.” We were even more surprised that this is his first acting role. “Yeah it’s my first one and I just wanted to make sure I did everything right so I had to learn my lines quick, rehearse, and just be about my business.”

david hall and jerome parker entercourse

We were privy to a special preview of the first five episodes of Entercourse and got to see a lot of development with David’s character. Whereas Miles and Rocky were dealing with relationship issues, his centered on his sexuality. Interestingly, instead of a coming of age story we surprisingly, and literally, got an awakening. In his own words David describes Drew as “…an interesting character. Drew is seemingly straight. He’s had some experience in his life that would probably make him want to kind of consider doing something else. Drew’s a good guy, he’s a basketball player, Drew cares about his friends, Drew is also like a freak for the lack of a better term. Everybody has a little bit of a freaky side to them and he’s not afraid to express that. I think that Drew is coming into his own and he’s somebody who seems like he has a lot of control. In this situation I think he’s losing control and you’ll see that he’s not sure where to go…”

entercourse poster

One of the things that stand out about Drew is the box you might try and place him in. In the ever growing abbreviation of LGBTQIQ (If they add one more letter we will scream!), he may be a true example of that first “Q”, “Questioning.” It is fun to see the “straight boy” tempting the good-hearted gay boy for a change. “He [Drew] is definitely in that questioning phase. It’s like he’s had some experiences—well not really experiences—more like testing the waters…” Drew’s “testing the waters” piqued in an interesting scene with Miles; prompting us to inquire about David’s dating life and if he thought Miles was a cheater. “I’m actually involved. I have a boyfriend I’ve been with for a year, we live together and what I’ll say is whatever you don’t want your lover doing with someone else you shouldn’t do…so yes I would classify that as cheating…”

david hall entercourse hey mikey atl

It should go without saying we love Entercourse. It is easy to film a series, but hard to sell it to an ever growing cynical generation of viewers. It is the characters and storytelling in this series that makes us want more and we definitely want to see more of David Hall! He has the wit, talent, looks, and most of all the charm to be a true star. “I believe in myself and I know there are great things in my future. Everybody just gotta pay attention [he laughs]!” When he is not playing a questioning straight boy he is walking the ball scene and working. So needless to say, the boy is booked! You can catch David Hall and the other stars of the series on Entercourse by clicking here!

 david hall drew from entercourse

Instagram: @dczredd

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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