[AUDIO/VIDEO] Check It Out! The Cast of Hit Indie Film, “Dirty South House Arrest” Kick it w/ Fresh Face Radio (@FreshFaceRadio)!

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HOTT 923’s Fresh Face Radio never fails to deliver the fun and the laughs–they do not pull any punches either!

Airing Tuesdays from 8-10 PM EST; Radio hosts, SoDebnair, Lady Kooture the Voice of All Media Diva, and our very own Hey Mikey dish out tea (piping hot), a little shade, lots of pettiness, but most of all fun!

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Last night Fresh Face Radio had on Chris Kelsey, Daphne Pittman-Hayes, and Tyler Does, three cast members of the new indie film, Dirty South House Arrest. Centered on a young man named, Drake (Curtis Wyatt III), who is stuck at home and tries to come up with a way to get his crush, Tamika (LaTavia Roberson) to come over by throwing a house party. His friends, Flipside (Tyler Does) and Travis (Navv Greene), join him in his mission to make it an unforgettable event! However, Drake soon learns his mother, Vanessa (Jessica Fontaine), had to use their mortgage money to pay for his lawyer. Now it is up to him to help his mother all while pulling off a life changing party!

The film definitely seems interesting and we cannot wait to see it for ourselves. If you are an eighties baby then you know house parties can be epic! It is definitely time we have a good house party-based movie. After all, the ones after Kid-N-Play were all a flop! (Sorry, NOT Sorry!) We definitely want to see if LaTavia can act too. This may be her first big screen role, as you recall besides music she has only really done R&B Divas Atlanta.

Dirty South Arrest will be screening this weekend and you can catch a review of it here on HeyMikeyATL. In the meanwhile, catch their interview with the cast, in its entirety, below! Happy listening! Tell us what you think of the show below in our comments section!

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