[VIDEO] Curly Hair Stays Poppin’ w/ New Curl Sponge 3.0 & Hair Care Products!

curl sponge

It has been over two years since we debuted the illustrious Curl Sponge on HeyMikeyATL. Then it was all about standing out with a new style. Well now, in 2017, that old “new” style is a trend. Thanks to a little Curl Sponge magic men and women everywhere are rocking their natural hair, curly and stylishly!

curl sponge

Hairstyles have evolved and so has our nifty Curl Sponge! Meet The Curl Sponge 3.0, the more durable, stronger, and efficient descendant of the original Curl Sponge we grew to love. Unlike its predecessor the spongy material harder and better fits your hand. Also the holes in the sponge are coupled with spikes and deep groves that reach into longer hair, allowing it to be curled as well.

curl sponge products

The Curl Sponge products; (l-r) The Curl Sponge 3.0, organic pomade, spray gel, regular pomade, and shampoo and conditioner

Besides the actual sponge is a host of related products including an organic pomade, spray gel, regular pomade, and shampoo and conditioner in one (seen above in the main. I have to say I am almost as smitten with the products as I was with The Curl Sponge 3.0. The pomades smell heavenly; but i am in love with the organic one. Not only is it made from all-natural ingredients, it is completely safe and can even double as lip balm! Neither pomades cause any build up and are easily rinsed out. The shampoo and conditioner not only leave your hair super clean, but feeling alive and vibrant. It really gets to your scalp and the root of your hair.

curl sponge pomade

The spray gel is an amazing alternative to the Spritz hairspray we have seen many people using to keep their curls in place. Unlike Spritz,the spray gel does not dry out or weaken your hair, cause any build up, and it smells great! Check out how the products worked my hair. Check out my before and after pictures below.

michael j. fanningmichael j. fanning

You can order your own Curl Sponge,  products, and the new Curl Sponge 3.5 you can check out their website by clicking here! For beginners you can learn how to use your own Curl Sponge and products by viewing the tutorial below! Happy styling!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

michael fanning kontrol magazine hey mikey atl

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