In Need of “Entercourse?” Get To Know Web Star, Jerome Parker (@jeromebparker)!

Jerome Parker
Photo Credit: Alan Lux Studios

Web stars may be the epitome of overnight celebrities nowadays, but that does not mean they are all worth writing about. In fact many of them could use a few acting classes or just some talent in general! Thankfully, Tyson Anthony does not fail to deliver just what we need in quality actors, especially on LGBT web series.

Meet Jerome Parker–a model, handsome, sexy, talented, an overall sweetheart, AND the star of the new hit web seriesEntercourse!

Hailing from New York City, Jerome is a good ol’ Brooklyn boy with dreams to become one of the biggest stars in the world. We were first introduced to him in Pharm The Series, where he played “Reek,” a loyal, “ride or die” boyfriend willing to help his troubled man no matter what. Unlike most web stars, Jerome became one unwittingly, not being particular fond of web series. “I started off hating web series, like for real. I started off watching ‘About Him’ and it was cool, but I was like I’m not watching that I’ll watch TV. I couldn’t watch anything on YouTube for that long. One day I sat down and I was like lemme watch it [About Him]…and I watched it and it was so addictive! Prior to that Tyson [Anthony, the creator of About Him, Pharm The Series, and Entercourse] had DM’ed me and wanted me to be on the show and I ignored him completely [he laughed]…I was like what are you talking about? I ended up moving down here [from New York City to Greensboro, North Carolina] and got a job working at a restaurant. I ended up getting laid off and that’s why Tyson inboxed me again and was like ‘Hey, this is your last chance I really would like for you to be a part of this;’ and I said you know what I’m going to take him up on this opportunity. I was still nervous, feeling like I’m not really an actor, but when I got around my cast it all happened so naturally, and here I am…”

jerome parker entercourse

On Entercourse Jerome portrays “Miles,” also a loyal boyfriend to Rocky (Elijah Black), who is addicted to porn. Although the couple greatly love each other, the latter’s porn addiction causes their sex life to become lackluster and Miles’ eye to wander towards his curious co-worker, Drew (David Hall). Like his characters, Jerome admits he too is a loyal boyfriend when in a relationship. “We’re [He, Reek, and Miles] are very much alike [he laughs]. I’m a Virgo and we are romantic and we’re just all about our boyfriends when we have one. When I started doing the shows Tyson [the creator of Pharm and Entercourse] asked how am I with my boyfriends; and I was like i’m like the ‘lovey dovey’ type…it’s just BAE, BAE, BAE, BAE [he laughs]…it’s just how I am and it shows…It’s very natural.” Jerome also reveals that initially the sex scenes on the show were a bit too much for him. “Some scenes from the shows required nudity and I was like I’m not comfortable with that. Tyson was cool though and told me he did not want me to do anything I was uncomfortable with. So in Pharm I kept some black underwear on, but in Entercourse there’s no way we could have made that scene believable so I stripped down. It was very tasteful I feel like…”

jerome parker

Although he was cast in the role of Miles, Jerome admits he read for Drew’s part as well. Still, he feels he got the part he was perfect for, however, describing Miles as “the superficial boyfriend everyone wants that’s just all about work, supplying for they man, taking care of they man…just trying to be the best boyfriend he can be for his boyfriend. He suffers from Rocky’s addiction to porn as far as his relationship. It’s like a mind game that’s being played with him kind of.  He feels like the porn is another person and he’s battling with another person for his relationship…” Watching the series, you definitely feel for Miles. As Jerome previously stated porn is the “other person.” Anyone who has ever dealt with a mate dealing with an addiction of anytime may resonate with his feelings. “You just gotta get through it and be there for them…”

jerome parker entercourse

Interestingly, it is Miles’ reaction to Rocky’s addiction, in part, that allows an interesting offer from Drew to get under his skin. This brings about up an even more interesting question on cheating that will have fans questioning what is considered crossing the line with another person when you are in a relationship. Is it a kiss, sex, or something less? “I feel like what he did was crossing the line. Yes, it was cheating! Whatever you don’t want your boyfriend doing you shouldn’t be doing either! I would’ve hit the roof!” To see Drew’s interesting offer you will just have to watch Entercourse for yourself.

Jerome Parker is definitely our Man Crush Monday, but more importantly he is a rising star and amazing actor. Anyone willing to step out of their comfort zone to achieve their dreams is nothing short of courageous. “People gotta know that whatever they want, they have to go after hard and then enjoy it.” You can catch Jerome in all his sexiness on Pharm The Series and Entercourse on! Happy viewing!

jerome parker

Photo Credit: Alan Lux Studios

Twittter/IG: @jeromebparker


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