Stitched w/ Love! StitchDFactory By India Yahsmein!

Texture Ribbed Cowl

When the weather outside is frightful–and by frightful we mean cold as “Reverse-Hell”–having a reliable and cute scarf and hat are EVERYTHING. We love our summer, spring, and fall fashions traditionally due to the versatility in styles and options; but it is a  little hardier to be trendy in winter–or so we thought! Enter StitchDFactory by India Yahsmein, a line of wonderfully made, quality, and trendy knitted accessories to combat all your frosty fears!

Charcoal Chunky Crocheted Cowl stitchdfactory

Chunky Crocheted Cowl

After receiving two amazing products from StitchDFactory,  the Chunky Crocheted Cowl and the Slouchy Knit Beanie Hat, we were all too happy to get the scoop on this wonderful designer and her project of love! Check out our Q & A w/ India below!

1. How did you start your company?

“It actually started in London when I was studying abroad. When a group of ladies I met over seas decided to learn to knit from another student also studying abroad. I bought my first pair of needles and yarn and proceeded to make a scarf. Nevertheless I didn’t buy enough yarn so the scarf was extremely short and a little uneven but I loved it and it’s still in my closet till this day. So after a while I began making pieces for friends and family as gifts and was instantly encouraged to sell my pieces. Everyone was so impressed with the quality of my work and so the Etsy adventure began! And within the last year I decided to make my passion my reality and here we are today! “

2. Tell us about your products. Are they hypoallergenic, where do you get your fabrics from?

“Currently I am focused on winter accessories because of the season. I carry hats and beanies, scarves and cowls, ear warmers and even Shrugs during the fall and winter season. During this upcoming spring and summer I will focus on beach wear… swimwear, cover ups, skirts, cover ups and totes. Our winter apparel is mostly made of wools and wool blends. However our summer pieces are mainly 100%cotton.”

3. What makes your brand different from other lines of knitted clothing out there?

“The quality and attention to detail is what makes me stand out from other brands. As well as every single piece is handmade by me!”

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Slouchy Knit Beanie

4. What is the demography of your customer base? Will men also find your designs appealing?

“My customer base is mostly business women aged 25-55. Most definitely we have several pieces that are unisex for both men and women, most of the time it just depends on the color. And I am always willing to cater to an individuals wants! We also carry knitted bow ties for men to I think are pretty dope! And more men’s furnishings are on the way for next year!”

5. Is it hard balancing your personal life and your business?

“It is a challenge because it’s hard to turn it off when you love what you do. I’m always thinking of new designs and colors. Ways to market myself and meet more like minded people. And it’s a great feeling when your excited to get into your work day. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.” 

6. What is the price range of your products? If they are more expensive why so?

“My products range from $16 Ear Warmers to $95 shrugs and $126 100% cashmere slouchy beanie hats. And it is based on the quality of yarn. Pieces that are 100% wool or 100%cashmere are more expensive because of the quality of the yarn used for that garment.  But well worth it. They last longer and look better.”

7. Do you do custom work for anyone?

“I do create custom pieces on a customer by customer, project by project basis.”

8. Do you have any other new products coming out that might be friendlier to warmer weather?

“In the spring/summer I’ll be rolling out a few bikini pieces as well as beach cover ups and skirts. Stay tuned. Here are a few of the designs in the making. Please see some of the attached photos below.” 

9. Where do you see your company in 5 years?

“In five years I see StitchDFactory in boutiques and with its own online store (which is coming this year)! On beaches in the summer and in the streets in the winter!”

We are definitely looking forward to seeing a lot more from StitchDFactory and India. To purchase your own products from this amazing line clicking here.

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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