“Pointless!” United Arab Emirates NOT Impressed w/ Kim Kardashian’s (@kimkardashian) Appearance!

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian-West recently came back from her first trip since the October robbery; however, some people in Dubai did not appreciate her presence and called her being there “pointless”.

Kim Kardashian

Kim visited children at the Rashid Centre for the Disabled and she stated it as her “favorite part of the trip”. Stemming from the visit the center received a fine from United Arab Emirates (UAE) authorities because they did not seek permission to have her there. The Emirat Al-Youm newspaper said they violated regulations after receiving Kardashian without a permit.

The ministry said it would not have granted a permit because it is “pointless to receive her,” The ministry said it was still investigating the case, warning that the penalty could extend to closing the centre, the paper reported (AFP, 2017).

Kim Kardashian with Mario

Credit: Kim Kardashian-West Instagram

Get this, in the most narcissistic of fashion “during Kardashian’s visit, the students wore T-shirts featuring her picture that the management said were distributed by the American star” (AFP, 2017).

For those who aren’t privy to the whole Kardashian money/media machine. Kim’s real reason for her visit was to make up the masterclass date that she missed due to her unexpected Paris robbery. The masterclass hosted by her longtime makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic was originally set for October 2016.

On Sunday, she shared a backstage shot with Mario. Kim Kardashian

The rescheduled announcement was posted on Oct.5th on Mario’s Instagram page Kim Kardashian

but only a few days later on Oct. 16th this reschedule flyer was posted with the new date of Jan 13th so despite all the “grieving”, we were led to believe, business went on as usual.  The reschedule flyer was posted for the new Jan 13th date:Kim KardashianSo you can see why the authorities of Dubai weren’t impressed by her visit at the children’s center as they saw it as more publicity for the star instead of wholeheartedness.

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