“About Him” is Back! Brandon Karson (@mrbrandonkarson) & Rahim Brazil (@rahimbrazil) Headline Season 2!

about him season 2
Tyson Anthony's "About Him"

Last summer we were all amazed and surprised by the overwhelming success of About Him. The popularity of the series definitely made us change our minds about what we think of web series, and LGBT content. However, its much anticipated second season has been a topic of debate, mostly about whether there would even be one. We are happy to learn there will be a second season of About Him, but it will not be on Signal 23 TV.

The new season will have a new director, Tyson Anthony, new faces, one familiar face, Rahim Brazil reprises his role of “Cousin Kendall”, and Brandon Karson returns to the role of “Damien.” As you may recall, we reported earlier this month that the web star and Signal 23 TV had parted ways; and that the series might be going in a different direction. Well it looks as though we were right. Tyson, the creator of About Him, is also the creator/showrunner of other hit web series like Pharm The Series, Entercourseand Raising Eli. We learned about the new season via his Facebook post. Read it below:

about him season 2

Starring Brandon Karson – Rahim Brazil and Plenty of new faces – About Him Season 2 is FINALLY coming – Season 1 of About Him was a success! We want to personally Thank you the viewer for your commitment, support, and dedication to our production team, writing team and Actors. We also want to inform you of some changes that will be taking place as it relates to About Him Season 2. We do our best to give you everything that you’ve been waiting for. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT YET ONCE AGAIN. Due to some production changes “About Him Season 2” will not be produced by SIGNAL 23 TV or any of its Affiliates. However, We have chosen to partner with BAWN TV to produce the second season of the series. We know that change is inevitable but wanted to  give you guys a second season. We thank you for your patience and after much waiting we will begin production by Mid February!! SPREAD THE WORD! ABOUT HIM SEASON TWO WILL BE HITTING YOUR SCREENS VERY SHORTLY!

www.tysonanthony.com – for updates
www.bawntv.com – NEW episodes airing soon
Facebook @AboutHimTheSeries

damien and kendall about him

We reached out to Signal 23 TV, Brandon and Rahim for official statements. Signal 23 TV has not responded by the time of this post and Brandon has no official statement at this time. However, Rahim states “I know what the fans want at this point. I know what the fans are expecting, and i’m gonna give them what they ask for pretty much…” There is no word on if Gary Lavard (Vince), Rico Pruitt (Justin), or Darone Okolie (Marion) will be reprising their roles on the new season, but we will keep our fingers crossed. We will keep you posted as more news on the second season becomes available!

What are your thoughts about a second season of About Him? Are you excited? Leave your comments below!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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