Cyber Terrorism? Kontrol Magazine’s (@kontrolmag) Website Hacked By Turk Hack Team!

Cyber terrorism is a very real thing and it looks like Kontrol Magazine may be the latest victim of it! Apparently, the sprawling Atlanta based publication had its website,, hacked today by the notorious Turk Hack Team! As you may recall, back in 2013 this organization single-handedly immobilized over 400 American websites. It all went down early this afternoon when one of Kontrol’s writers’, Ronda Brooks, tried to log on to the site and received the following notification.

turk hack team

When we tried to go to the website at that time this startling–and scary–notification came up.

turk hack team

Even when we tried to access it via smartphone this came up:

turk hack team

The hack was unprovoked, at least on Kontrol’s end, but may very well be a backlash to one of the controversial policies President Donald Trump has signed into effect this week. One of which temporarily banned immigration from Syria. We reached out to Kontrol Magazine’s executive staff, but they did not get back to us by the time this post went live. When we checked the link to the site again it routed us to the magazine’s Instagram page.

We definitely hope Kontrol gets to the bottom of this and can fight off whoever has taken over their site. Cyber terrorism is not a good look and may be one of the only times we are actually tempted to get Donald Trump on the line. We will keep you posted as more news develops!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

michael fanning kontrol magazine hey mikey atl

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