[TRAILER] “Let The War Begin!” Signal 23 TV Announces Their Own Season 2 of About Him–THE REVOLUTION!

about him season 2 the revolution
Signal 23 TV's "About Him Season 2: The Revolution"

We are back with new information on the second season of About Him!

Apparently, Signal 23 TV is releasing their own second season of the series, with the subheading of The Revolution! This second season brings back Gary Lavard, Rico Pruitt, and Tripp Ali,  and newcomer Rion Deshon (Steel River: When We Were Young). However, as we reported earlier this week will NOT feature Brandon Karson or Rahim Brazil, as they are starring in Tyson Anthony’s version of About Him! 

Yes, this means there are currently TWO SEPARATE SECOND SEASONS of About Him on two different networks–Signal 23 TV and Bawn TV! Check out the trailer for About Him: The Revolution below!

The trailer for About Him: The Revolution is riveting! It appears to be a war cry, leaving us wondering what will become of the characters this season. We can surmise from the strong figures in it, and the fact that “revolution” is the theme that a major change has taken place in the story line that will alter all the lives of our favorite boys!

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Interestingly, this trailer has been released after Tyson’s announcement, declaring Signal 23 TV  and its affiliates would no longer be airing About Him.

about him season 2

Starring Brandon Karson – Rahim Brazil and Plenty of new faces – About Him Season 2 is FINALLY coming – Season 1 of About Him was a success! We want to personally Thank you the viewer for your commitment, support, and dedication to our production team, writing team and Actors. We also want to inform you of some changes that will be taking place as it relates to About Him Season 2. We do our best to give you everything that you’ve been waiting for. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT YET ONCE AGAIN. Due to some production changes “About Him Season 2” will not be produced by SIGNAL 23 TV or any of its Affiliates. However, We have chosen to partner with BAWN TV to produce the second season of the series. We know that change is inevitable but wanted to  give you guys a second season. We thank you for your patience and after much waiting we will begin production by Mid February!! SPREAD THE WORD! ABOUT HIM SEASON TWO WILL BE HITTING YOUR SCREENS VERY SHORTLY!

It seems Signal 23 TV begs to differ and is waving this trailer as its battle flag. Then there are those beginning and ending statements in the trailer, “When you start something you have to finish it…” and “Let the war begin;” clearly there were no punches pulled there. We reached out to both the network and Tyson Anthony. Signal 23 TV declined to comment and Tyson had not responded by the time this post went live.

We are not sure what is going on with About Him Season 2, but “The Revolution” does sound enticing! Which version will you be watching (We’ll be catching both! Have you seen the guys?) Comment below!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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