[VIDEO] What’s Up w/ “About Him” Season 2? The Showrunners Release Separate Official Statements!

about him

This has been quite a month for About Him!

Earlier this month we learned Signal 23 TV and Brandon Karson parted ways and that the second season would be moving in a different direction. Then, oddly and surprisingly, we thought the second season would be aired with Tyson Anthony (creator of Pharm The Series and Entercourse) at the helm after he announced via Facebook that Signal 23 TV and its affiliates would not be airing the series; and that Brandon would be reprising his role of “Damien”.

Then, yet AGAIN we were left in shock, surprise, and a little confused when just last night Signal 23 TV released a teaser trailer for their own second season of About Him, “The Revolution.” Thus, we now have two separate second seasons of About Him to be aired tentatively on two separate networks!

You can catch the trailer  for About Him Season 2, “The Revolution” below:

For many fans of the series, the teaser trailer has been interpreted as a war cry, that Signal 23 TV is not releasing the web series without a fight. We reached out to both Tyson and Signal 23 TV last night for official statements. Tyson had the following to say:

“Only statement–if it’s not written or based on a novel by Tyson Anthony it’s not an original product and most likely will be removed due to copyright violations.

henderson maddox

Henderson Maddox, the CEO/showrunner of Signal 23 TV,  released a simple statement as well via Facebook:

“Let the work speak for itself…#done

However, Henderson disavows any malice in releasing his teaser, stating nothing is personal and that he is about business. In actuality it is not uncommon for a show to diverge in different directions and with different creative teams. Take a look at Single Ladies, black-ish, and BET’s The Game. Either way this is a very interesting turn of events with About Him and we cannot wait to see what both networks will do with their respective second seasons. We will definitely be watching both, and wish both parties much success!

We want to hear from you! What are your thoughts on this development? Comment below!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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