“You Sit Behind Your Computer Like You Really All That”–Steve Harvey (@IAmSteveHarvey) To Critics on Black Twitter!

steve harvey

Steve Harvey took quite a few fans in the African-American community after he met with Donald Trump late last month. He alleges he went to meet with the then President-elect to try and facilitate change. However, the Black community, especially those of Black Twitter were NOT having it. In BeyHive fashion, they swarmed and attacked the actor/talk show host calling him everything from an Uncle Tom, sell out, and coon to a full fledged traitor!

Steve has come forward stating he was hurt by the attacks; and though he expected a backlash he did not expect it to be so great. Recently, however Steve has gone on the offensive, addressing critics on Black Twitter.

via Baller Alert:

steve harvey and donald trump

Steve Harvey says that he doesn’t agree with many of the policies brought forth by Trump and the Republican party, however by sitting at the table, he feels his input can bring about change.

However, Harvey’s co-host, Nephew Tommy, suggests that Steve shouldn’t meet with Trump ever again. “We not going back to no more of these damn tables,” said Tommy. “That’s it with these tables. It’s too much stress on us. You’re not going to have my uncle at the table no more. We’re not sitting at no coffee tables, no end tables, no card tables, you won’t even catch him at the buffet table.”

Harvey then, much like Chrisette Michele, compared his meeting with Trump to Barack Obama.

“After everything Donald Trump said about Barack Obama  during his campaign, after everything he said after, when President Trump was elected, Obama invited him to the White House,” Harvey explains. “They met in a private meeting for an hour and a half. After all he has said about President Obama, he still left Trump a personal note at the White House for when he came in. After all he said about President Obama, he still patted him on the shoulder. Michelle still kissed Melania. After all he said about Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton was sitting at the inauguration, clapping for the same man.”

Steve Harvey concludes the segment by sending out a message to black people, specifically those who sat behind a computer and criticized him for meeting with Trump.

“I’ve been on this earth 60 years. Half y’all talking about me ain’t been on this earth no time and don’t know what we had to do to even get here. But you sit behind your computer like you really all that and you type about us and you don’t even know us, now talking about me. Let me leave you with this, this is my final message. This is to my people, the ones who want to hear this, in the words of the Temptations: ‘I know you wanna leave, but I refuse to let you go. If I gotta beg and plead for your sympathy, I don’t mind because it means that much to me.’”

We understand what Steve was trying to do, however, that does not negate the fact it was a wrong move on his part. He is not the person to do any bridging between communities. He should stick to his talk shows, radio show, and giving women bad relationship advice. Like Chrisette Michele his arrogance and presumptuous nature have cost him the love of the people who got him to the top. By the way what protests, marches, or sit ins have anyone ever seen Steve participate in? It is dishonorable or inappropriate when one man tries to include himself in the accomplishments of a revered generation. Mr. Harvey have several seats–off your multi-million dollar platform!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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