[VIDEO] “Project Make America Great”–Children Write Letters to Donald Trump (@realDonaldTrump) Concerning His Presidency

project make america great

Here we are not even a month into Trump’s presidency and already it has been marred with controversy, hate, and ignorance. In the last week alone there has been a ban on abortions, Muslim immigration, repealing healthcare, trying to build a wall, and dangerously upsetting the international community at large. Times are more treacherous than they have been in decades with people everywhere wondering where do we go from him and how do we resist the Trump administration and its policies?

Well those “people everywhere” include children; many of whom are affected by Trump’s policies and executive orders.

In a video called Project Make America Great, produced by a Rutgers alumna, Dominique Turner, children ages six to eleven wrote letters to Donald Trump.

He had just been elected at that time, but since the inauguration their views remain the same. See what they had to say.

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donald trump

“I think you have a good heart, but sometimes you say mean things,” one student named Karter-Jay, 7, wrote in a letter to Trump. “Treat people like you want to be treated. I want you to be a very good president because bad presidents make bad laws, all the time.”

“I want you to make the world a better place,” Chase, 11,  said. “I think you won fairly, but I don’t want you as my president. Stop acting like a bully. You make fun of people for no reason,” he said.

“You could be a good president if you know what to say,” Gabriel, 9, said. “If I could give you advice, I would tell you to be kinder to people and say kinder things on TV. A president should be smart, kind, outgoing, funny, fair and can make good decisions. I hope you can do that.”

“I am worried about you becoming president because you don’t treat everyone fair” Kaden Anderson, 8, said.

Turner’s inspiration for the video came from a Muslim teacher, featured in Huffington Post for making her students feel safe in her class, by allowing them to express themselves. The teacher gave her students the opportunity and the platform to find their voice. The opportunity, ultimately, gave the children confidence to speak up and out against the things they don’t approve of or believe in. In that, Turner realized that although children may not understand fully what is going on in the world, no one ever really asked how they feel, in regards to politics.

“You do not like African Americans and Muslims,” Sumiyah, 9, said, as she wore her hijab. “You want me to leave my home and go somewhere that is unknown to me.

“I do worry about my future and that of my family because I am of Hispanic heritage,” a young boy named Javier, 11, said.

“I hope this letter will change your views, thank you,” Anderson said.

The letters written by the children were organic, with little help from their parents. The goal was to create a body of work that would be a sense of accountability for the President. To send a message showing that everyone is concerned, even our youth.

Activism is not limited to marching and being on the front-lines of the major protests across the country. But also, giving those who have concerns the opportunity to express them. Project make America great is an open letter fro the voices of minority children, our country’s future. #BlackExcellence

This is both heartbreaking and hopeful. It is heartbreaking in the sense and notion that children have to write letters of concern and resistance to a world leader in hopes he will not harm them or their loved ones; and hopeful in knowing that children like them are the voters and leaders of tomorrow! You can check out more of that the children had to say in the video below. Excellent work kids!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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