Keshia Knight-Pulliam (@peachespulliam) Treated Like “Little Poor Black Girl” after Delivery!

keshia knight-pulliam

Keshia Knight-Pulliam Was Offered WIC After Delivering Daughter: “They thought I was a little poor black girl!”

Keishia Knight-Pulliam was assumed to be a poor black girl after delivering her baby. Does every black woman walking into a hospital to have a baby alone suddenly assumed poor?

Talk about some serious stereotyping! 

Keshia Knight-Pulliam Was Offered WIC After Delivering Daughter: They thought I was a little poor black girl.

The actress recently celebrated the birth of her newborn daughter, Ella Grace. Yet while she has nothing but praises for the doctors and nurses that helped her with her delivery, she did note that she was offended by a lactation specialist, who assumed she was a poor mother in need. She explains,

“Bless this old little lady’s heart. This old little white lady-she’s like about 70 years old.”

Pulliam says that the woman handed her a hospital pamphlet, opened to a page that contained “about 30 different numbers and resources” for mothers and told her,

“We have some great programs that you may want to take advantage of that you may need. Um, WIC is a great program.”

Keshia Knight-Pulliam Was Offered WIC After Delivering Daughter: They thought I was a little poor black girl.


Keshia went on to say,

“So I guess she saw this little black girl with the little baby by herself, and on the door, I didn’t realize that they’d put like a faux last name and the last name was Brown. So I guess she saw ‘Miss. Brown’ and was like, ‘She probably needs some WIC.’ So she said, ‘Yes, WIC is…an amazing program that you may want to take advantage of and I don’t know if you have insurance-‘ that’s when I stopped her, I said, ‘Ma’am, I have excellent insurance but thank you.”

Who knows if the lady went through this little speech with every mother or not. Let’s also add that baby formula is very expensive so maybe she wasn’t aware that this was “Rudy Huxtable .  However, things get worst because the actress stated that the woman did not even help her learn to breastfeed!

“Like, she didn’t want to touch me. They literally was like, guide your boob, put it in the baby’s mouth. This lady was not trying to touch my little brown boobie. Not at all.”

awkward assumption about keshia knight pulliam

Keshia Knight Pulliam & Baby Ella

That’s literally the worst experience a new mother could ever have. Some people sadly will never change when it comes down to race. It’s sad that we live in a society that stereotypes black women so badly. We are always assumed to be “angry”, broke and on welfare. This is not a bash on the women who actually need the help but, the media really doesn’t help to make the images of the black woman a positive appearance. We hope Keshia was able to get this matter resolved because I definitely would not let it go under the rug. 

 Like who does that to someone who just brought life into the world?! More importantly you shouldn’t be working in the medical field or any field if you are afraid to touch black people!

Ugh! That’s so ignorant of the individuals involved, and Keshia I wish you much happiness on the birth of your little angel Ella, despite your rude mistreatment at that hospital!

Sorry stereotypes but not all Black women are poor & without health insurance!

Keshia Knight Pulliam baby

Keshia Knight Pulliam

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