Kylie Jenner (@kyliejenner) Celebrates Being ‘Thick!’ w/ Her New Line of Valentine’s Day Merch!

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching you guys, and with only a week left of last minute shopping, Kylie Jenner has just dropped some hot new gear that’ll definitely have your girlfriend (or “side chick” lol) wooing you for days to come.

The new launch will include a t-shirt embellished with a digitized Kris Jenner flipping the bird, bomber jackets with the signature Kylie Cosmetics mouth logo, and various articles of clothing that just read “THICK!,” including a marigold colored sweatsuit that Kylie models herself in a series of posts on Instagram. The pieces are a part of her store’s next launch which will go on sale on Valentine’s Day.

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With the Valentines Day collection of merch dropping February 13th, you already know anything dealing with the Kardashians there has to be a little controversy involved. Along with the Valentines Day collection, which drops February 13th, Kylie says that she wants to celebrate being “thick” as part of her new line.

All Different Types #THICK

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So Kylie is “thick” now?

We can all agree that there are different perceptions to what is considered “thick”, but does Kylie really fit in that category? Instagram and Twitter weighed in on the announcement earlier with hilarious memes and not so nice comments over the debate of whether Kylie is “thick” or nah? Although it’s a bit of a stretch for her to claim the title of being considered “thick”, we can all agree that Kylie’s collection is going to be bomb and the envy of every Valentines Day retailer when it drops. Guy’s do you a favor and be on the lookout for this collection to drop, trust your girl will love it!
Kylie plans on debuting her new merch and Kylie Cosmetics at her pre-Valentine’s Day pop-up shop beginning next Monday, Feb. 13 from 10 a.m.-9 p.m. EST (while supplies last) at 27 Mercer Street in NYC!

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Written By: Mark Pollard

mark pollard

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