Rapper, The Game (@thegame), Agrees To A Plea Deal Regarding Punching Cop!

the game

Well, it looks like The Game will remain a free man after all. Recently, it was reported that rapper The Game will not face any jail time for his run in with an off-duty cop back in 2015. TMZ reported Game pleading no contest to misdemeanor battery and criminal threats. In exchange for his plea deal The Game received three years probation and 120 days community service in lieu of jail time. Game will also mandated to attend twenty-six anger management classes.

The Game at the Music Choice awards

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The Game’s legal troubles started back in 2015 during a pickup basketball game. Allegedly, during the basketball game the rapper intentionally fouled an off-duty officer by the name of Onyebuchi Awaji. It was alleged that The Game punched him sometime during the third quarter.

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The Game’s Legal Woes

Awaji didn’t take being punched lightly. Instead he decided to bring a civil lawsuit against the Compton rapper and won $100,000. The Game ended up losing the case because he didn’t respond to it. The rapper’s nonchalant attitude ended up costing him $60, 000 in damages and $40,000 as a deterrent.

This isn’t the only legal trouble that has been on the rapper’s plate. Recently, The Game received somewhat good news regarding another legal issue that he is up against. The rapper has been granted a new trial when it comes to his sexaul assualt lawuit that was filled by Priscilla Rainey.

Rapper The Game

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Rainey was a contestant on The Game’s VH1 reality show called “She’s Got Game”. During the show Rainey alleges that The Game sexually assaulted her. During the trail, The Game was found guilty and ordered to pay Rainey $7.1 million dollars. Game protested that outcome and claimed that the jury was biased because he was unable to appear in court in person. Game was originally denied a new trial but this month his bid was accepted. So, what are your thoughts? What do you think of Game’s legal troubles? Let me know in the comments.

Written By: Ronda Brooks

ronda brooks

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