[VIDEO] Just in Time for V-Day! Tyson Anthony (@authortysona) Releases “Entercourse” Short Film

entercourse poster

Tyson Anthony, the creator of About Him, has seriously made waves in the web series community with the announcement of Season 2 of About Him, Raising Eli, Pharm The Series, and Entercourse. We love all of his series, but Entercourse is currently taking the stage as we watch a young gay couple, Rocky (Elijah Black) and Miles (Jerome B. Parker) struggle to deal with porn addiction, temptation, and a bi-curious—now possibly, bisexual–friend, Drew (David Hall).

david haller and jerome parker entercourse hey mikey atl

(l-r) David Hall (Drew) and Jerome Parker (Miles) in “Entercourse”

The end of the first half of the season left us wondering just how Miles and Rocky were going to make it through the latter’s porn addiction and spice up their sex life. We were also left watching as Drew went from curious to questioning as he began to have vivid dreams about Miles at night. Thankfully, Tyson has heard our pleas and released a short film to tide us over over until the second half of the season debuts. Check out the trailer below!

via Entercourse

It’s V-Day on Entercouse. And this short film is the perfect entertainment needed to hold fans over until Season Two. Drew continues his sexual exploration with a very antagonizing partner. And while Rocky is away Miles once again find himself – playing. Our familiar faces are joined by new ones including the odd and awkward Nas…or is it Skinfade.

Well we now see Drew has definitely given into his temptation! He is trying all of the sexual stuff, as Miles implies, with a new guy. This is rather refreshing as it adds new layers to their world bringing in a fourth person. The question remains to be seen though, is this the guy for him, or is he really after Miles. The trailer does not delve too much into what is going with Rocky and Miles, currently, as we surmised; but it only makes us anticipate the next half of the season even more!

Be sure you check out all the episode of the series thus far by clicking here! Happy viewing!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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