[VIDEO] “About Vincent?” “About Him Season 2: The Revolution” Releases New Teaser Trailer!

gary lavard

The more we learn of About Him Season 2: The Revolution, the more we are intrigued!

As you know, Signal 23 TV’s second season of the hit web series is going in a different direction with some familiar faces taking on more prominent roles. One of those faces is the network’s hottest hunk, Gary Lavard!

 gary lavard

As you recall, Gary played Damien’s love interest, “Vincent,” in the first season. Now it seems the series new direction has the story being told from Vince’s point of view. Check out the teaser trailer below.

The trailer does not reveal what this season’s plot will be, but Gary’s hairstyle continues the nineties setting and tone of a time when being gay was not only stratifying but dangerous! About Him Season 2: The Revolution is definitely about to be lit and we cannot wait for its debut! Be sure you check back here for more news! Happy viewing!

What do you guys think of the teaser? Leave your comments below!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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1 Comment

  1. Mikey, I love your blog.

    I read it all of the time.

    Sorry, for this long ass reply, but here we go:

    I noticed in the comments under the trailer, Signal23 explained that their version of about him is now an anthology series, with this season being set in the 80’s era.

    It won’t have anything to do with Vincent, the character, or season one at all. Gary is playing a brand new character in a completely new story line. This show even has a new writer, I’m sure to avoid a lawsuit.

    They shouldn’t be using the title “About Him” at all, in my opinion, because it’s not truly a season two if it doesn’t pick up from season one. And of course, because the origin of the name came from Tyson’s book. “The Revolution” would suffice just fine.

    Completely changing a show is not a new season, it’s a new… show. I’m sure a lot of people will be initially upset, because branding this new show as season two of an original story is misleading a genuine fan base who cared about the actual story line of the first season, and even donated money towards season two, continued from season one.

    I also feel like this trailer was put together extremely fast, to keep the fans interested, to clarify the confusion from the civil right’s trailer they initially released (which has some people upset), and to overshadow the “true” season two, from Tyson. They haven’t even been filming this show for a whole week, and have already released an unsubstantial teaser trailer.

    I understand it’s business, but if Tyson wants to make the “true” season two successful, he’s going to have to get something out there pretty soon, because most of the fans still have no clue what transpired, or that there will be two seasons.

    If Signal23 would stop ignoring what the fans want, I don’t think they would have as much backlash in their comments.
    They could simply release another video saying that this is a completely new show, and if the fans want to follow Damien’s story, they need to be on the lookout for Tyson Anthony’s season two of About Him.

    I know there might be a mild beef between the two brands right now, but it’s honestly the least Signal23 could do, if not for the sake of honest business practices, then for all of the fans who donated money and purchased every episode, just to support a show that made such an impact on so many different people, including me.

    Honestly, people are going to purchase, or watch, almost anything Signal23 releases because they release good shows… and other obvious reasons that we’ve come to expect from them.
    I’m sure a gesture, like letting the fans know of Tyson’s season, won’t completely kill their monetary goals, especially with them slowly releasing episodes for four different shows right now (where is episode two of About Her?).

    I love all of Signal23’s and Tyson’s shows that have been released so far, and I wish them both great success! I will continue to support, but I just wish Signal23 would clean this up a little better. Replying to certain commenters that “This has nothing to do with any of Tyson’s books”, still does not answer what’s going on with the original story to the fans who do not know what is going on.

    Thank you taking the time to read my comment, Mikey. You’re doing an awesome job on everything, by the way.

    – Nobody Important

    Side-note: Signal23, where the hell is the rest of ‘The Boyz Next Door: ATL – Season 2’?

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