[VIDEO] All Laughs! It’s “Lego Batman” (@LEGOBatmanMovie) & The Bat Family To The Rescue!

lego batman movie poster

Batman is back–but not in the way you would think so!

The Caped Crusader has taken on Lego form to bring us yet another action packed and humorous adventure as he takes on the criminals of Gotham City. In Lego Batman, the Dark Knight has yet again saved the day, defeated most of rogues’ gallery, and managed to break The Joker’s heart. “Hell has no fury like a ‘Clown Prince of Crime’ scorned” as the maniacal villain plots Batman’s demise after seeing Superman’s Phantom Zone Projector in action. Meanwhile, a new commissioner, Barbara Gordon, assumes her father’s mantle and wants to work with Batman to eradicate crime from the city. When the Joker invades the city with a horde of new villains at his command, it will take more than Batman to save the day, but can he face his deepest fear in time to save the day?

the joker lego batman

Normally we look at humorous Batman movies and cartoons with contempt, but this one was actually worthwhile. Where else do we get to see The World’s Greatest Detective take on villains like the Krakken, The Wicked Witch of The West, Sauron, and flying monkeys. It defies logic, but Batman will always find a way. More importantly we loved the inclusion of other members of The Bat Family–Robin (Dick Grayson), Alfred Pennyworth, and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)–albeit with convoluted background stories in this tale (LOL)–who are highly important to the characters’ mythos no matter what story or genre he is in.

You will laugh so hard your sides burst, but like me will find yourself wanting a Lego Batman of your own! Be sure you catch this hilarious and heartwarming. You might just walk away a lot happier and a lot more appreciative of the family you have. Lego Batman is in theaters everywhere today!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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