[TEASER/VIDEO] Signal 23 TV’s “Tex Brown” Starring Tripp Ali (@iamTrippAli)!

tripp ali

The network that brought us About Him just cannot be stopped! Just when we thought Signal 23 TV had reached its “Climax,” a new teaser trailer for a new series, Tex Brown, starring the Uber talented  and sexy, Tripp Ali has dominated our timeline. The series centers on “Tex,” from the first season of About Him , making it yet another spin off of the hit web series (The other being About Justin). As you recall, Tex nearly killed a gay basher in the season finale.

via Signal23tv.com

tripp ali

Tripp Ali

Tex Brown is the story of the character Tex from the series About Him, 15 years after. He is a prison inmate serving time for attempted murder when he lashed out on a gay basher and almost kills him. Tex is a dark soul and is very disconnected with the world because of his past. His life changes when he is released from prison on a new program and has to transition to becoming a law abiding citizen again. Johnson is assigned to his case as a parole officer  and is challenged to breakdown the walls to help him heal from his past.

Check out the teaser trailer below!

Tripp Ali came to slay! Just seeing this teaser makes us want to see and know more about Tex and what is going on his world. The other characters went off to college, but he did hard time. That has to have changed him for the worst. Still with any Signal 23 TV show there is some medicine mixed in with the mayhem, and this series may very well prove to be a coming of age/quest story to watch a man finally come into his own and reclaim the life he lost.

We are so glad to see Tripp starring in his own series. We loved him on About Him and on Steel River: When We Were Young. We will definitely be watching this show! What are your thoughts on the teaser? Hot or Not? Comment below!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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