Signal 23 TV’s “Steel River” Makes Waves w/ New Web Star, Sherrod Willis (@sherrod4real)!

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Signal 23 TV continues to deliver some amazing stories to its viewers. Last summer it  brought us About Him, and Fall of last year it debuted Steel River: When Were Young a prequel to the original Steel River series that put Signal 23 TV on the map! Faithfully and diligently, we have been tuning into see watch  William (Will), Kadoe, Ivan, and Addison ten years in the past as they  grow to become the men we know and love. Beyond the drama, sex, intrigue, and craziness; viewers are really getting a taste of what it means to come of age while being Black and gay.

Just when we thought the series could not get any wilder though, a new character, played by Sherrod Willis, has been tossed in the mix!

sherrod willis acting reel

Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan and growing up in Chicago, Sherrod is an amazing addition to Steel River: When We Were Young. Besides being the newest cast member of the series, he is a rising star who has dreamed of the spotlight since his freshman year in college. “I was in a performing arts group back in Chicago and we did little skits and stuff like that, or promotional videos and I think I took an interest in it then. I never really knew what do or where to go so when I moved down here to Atlanta I saw a web series [Kaleidoscope} I wanted to be a part of and went from there….” Sherrod’s enthusiasm and willingness to go after his dreams stems from his desire to be the best version of himself possible. “I always knew I w anted to be something great–somebody great–but I know that depends on me…” Indeed, Sherrod’s raw talent shined through on his debut episode, “Due Process,” as his character, “Jackson,” not only forced Will (Alex Jante) to confront his sexuality, but seduced and coerced him in one of the hottest sex scenes in web series history!

As “Jackson,” he portrays the soldier brother of Will’s girlfriend, who as the series eludes to in another conversation is “trade.” (via Urban Dictionary; A man who messes around with other men, but no one would ever know by looking or talking to him. Used by gay black men to identify masculine gay men or DL Brothas.) Sherrod goes on to state ,“You’re gonna love him [Jackson], he’s a different type of dude, and I love playing him, and the waves he’s gonna make in the story line kinda make you jump!” Although he admits his episode’s sex scene was hot, he feels the scene between Ivan (Rion Deshon) and his trade love interest (Tripp Ali)was hotter. “They really went in on that. It was just so realistic, like I know people who have told me that they’ve hooked up in a shower or bathroom, or know someone who did. Rion and Tripp are amazing actors, so i gotta give it up for them [he laughs].”

Sherrod Willis darrick-24

As aforementioned, Sherrod reveals Steel River is not his first web series appearance. As Jared, on Kaleidoscope, he was introduced to the masses on a series that has not only garnered attention from the Art House, but awards as well. “Kaleidoscope was a great run. I played a character named ‘Jared.’ We had a great season. It’s not getting picked up for a [second season]. It was just miscommunication and misunderstandings…Being on there was great I built a fan base which was amazing and was starting to [be] recognized more for my artistry…it tested my ability as far as acting as well, learning I could pull off such a dramatic role. It worked in my favor…” Sherrod has definitely rebounded with Signal 23 TV as he will also be appearing in their highly anticipated second season of About Him, About Him Season 2: The Revolution! Naturally, he is tight lipped about details of the show, but reveals he playing a recurring character named “Charles,” who in his own words is a country boy from Mississippi who is also friends with “Armani,” a series regular.

We definitely love Sherrod, and find it hard to believe he is single. He admits that he is interested in dating, but has yet to find a viable suitor. “People think because you’re attractive or known in the community that you have every guy after you. True you have a lotta guys trying to see what’s up, but that doesn’t mean they’re quality. At this point that’s what I want a quality guy.” He goes onto discuss how his past as an adult film star has affected his dating and even opportunities. “People love to try and judge you based on things you have done in your past like they don’t  have one either. Currently, I’m not doing any adult films, I’m focusing on my acting career, but like anyone else I’m going to do what’s best for me…the only difference between what I’ve done and what people are currently doing is a camera and a check…” Sherrod urges all aspiring actors to never give up on their dreams, and like him, “continue to grind like your life depends on it.” Be sure you catch him in his Steel River debut episode by clicking here, and soon in About Him Season 2: The Revolution!

sherrod willis darrick-24

Twitter: @sherrod4real

Instagram: @S_dot88

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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