Artist, Web Star, & Great Guy…Rest In Peace Del Antonio (@MrDelAntionio)

del antonio

Goodbye is never, and farewell is always bittersweet, especially when death is involved. It seems the good and talented die so so young and all too often too soon in this world.

We are deeply saddened to learn that one of those young souls is none other than Del Antonio, a noted painter, singer, web star, and reality television star.

On Sunday, February 12th, Del Antonio transitioned from this world to the next after a heart attack, leaving his family, friends, loved ones, and fans stunned.

the boyz next door atl

As you may already know Del Antonio  was one of the stars of Signal 23 TV’s hit reality series, The Boyz Next Door ATL. Attractive and equally talented, he was loved for his strong, but kind personality and was well respected throughout the LGBT community in Atlanta and beyond. His death has personally affected us here at HeyMikeyATL, as in just a week were to interview him and discuss his new music and artwork. Although we personally, did not get to interact with Del Antonio in  a meaningful way like others in his life. This missed opportunity is nonetheless disheartening and painful.

Signal 23 TV’s Business Manager and Content Development Director, Kimberly Jones was also a close friend of Del Antonio’s who is deeply heartbroken by his loss. She was happy to share some of her memories of him with us.

del antonio and tobias truvillion

This is my favorite memory! I took tobia Truvillion (D-Major from “Empire”) with me to pick up some art from him [Del Antonio] that I’d purchased. Del was so happy; he felt like D-Major’s story line represented his early years in the life and he connected so deeply with that character. He called everyone we knew and was like, ‘KIM BROUGHT D-MAJOR TO MY HOUSE, LOL!’ I’m going to miss him dancing; he didn’t care what you thought of his dancing . He just loved to do it and would dance anytime, anyplace. Of course Tobe (Tobias) ended up with the piece in this picture, lol, but Del sent me home with a piece as well, which worked out because I love my piece so much and since the one I have is one he tattooed on him I feel more of a connection to him. My hear is so broken.

del antonio tattoo art piece

Del Antonio’s art piece, gifted to Kimberly Jones

 As you can see Del Antonio was dearly loved and will be greatly missed. Rest in Heaven brother, we will NEVER forget you. #Prayers

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

michael fanning kontrol magazine hey mikey atl

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