[VIDEO] Dark, Moody, & GRITTY! Signal 23 TV’s “Tex Brown” Goes There!

tex brown signal 23 tv

Life goes on and so does Signal 23 TV! The network that brought you About Him, Climax, About Justin, and Steel River has done it again with their newest web series, Tex Brown!

The series is yet another spin-off of About Him,  based on Tex (Tripp Ali), the older guy from the first season of the hit web series who taught Damien (Brandon Karson) how to give oral sex (coughing) and that his life cannot be all about Vince (Gary Lavard). As you recall, in the season finale the Tex was arrested for threatening to kill a man for gay bashing. Although Damien, Justin (Rico Pruitt), and Kendall (Rahim Brazil) avoided prosecution, Tex has done ten years in prison and is only now being released on parole! Naturally, the world around him has changed and he struggles to find a place in it. Tex must ultimately decide to face the demons of his past and move on with his life, or allow them to consume him and send him back to prison!

tex brown signal 23 tv

lando king

Lando King

We were able to view the episode of the series and all we have to say–after picking our jaws up off the ground–is OMFG! Henderson Maddox did this! This series goes there–and we ain’t talking Degrassi! The first five minutes of the show put HBO’s OZ to shame! Tripp Ali and Lando King (“Cap” from Steel River: When We Were Young) went there and we do not mean faking it. Body, eggplant, tattoos, testicles, booty, sex–it was all there, so squares beware! Thus, it goes without saying you must see the uncensored version of this pilot episode, which you can rent by clicking here.

tripp ali

Tripp Ali

Like any Signal 23 TV the love and sex it mixed with wisdom and medicine as we see Tex is a tortured soul. The things that have happened to him in the past no one should ever have to endure. The series is dark, moody, and gritty. Like About Him meets Gotham City.  It takes a fresh perspective on what it means to have to acclimate to life after prison, where everyone and everything around you has changed and your future is uncertain and controlled by others. Tripp Ali proves he is a true star who can carry a series on his own. We have a greater and deeper appreciation of his skills after we see he did not hold back. Just be sure you tune in! We can tell you watching this series is a full body experience. Happy viewing!

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