Kontrol Exclusive (@kontrolmag): Dancing w/ Dnay B. (@DnayBisMe) As Beyonce’s (@beyonce) Primary Tour Dancer

Dnay B.

A self-thought dancer from West Harlem, New York Dnay B. learned how to dance by hanging out in the neighborhood and watching television. Fast forward to current times Dnay B. is one of the most sought-after dancers in the United States. To date, Dnay B.has worked with huge celebrities such as Chris Brown, Jennifer Lopez, and Alicia Keys.

Dnay B Grammy head shot

Dnay B. Backstage at the 2017 Grammy’s. Photo: @dnaybisme

Her professional dancing career started after she played the role of Kelly Rowland for then creative director for both Kelly and Beyonce for Kelly’s “Motivation” video. Not being aware of her tasks within the payment process, some time had passed since the live video submission and Dnay contacted the director about not receiving her payment. He then advised her to stop by Alvin Ailey. At the meeting, he asked if she wanted to dance for Beyonce as a makeup for her troubles. Beyonce at 2017 Grammy'sThat was in 2011, Dnay’s first experience dancing for Beyonce was during Oprah’s Finale Show and then the BillBoard Awards. However, she did not become an official Beyonce dancer until 2013 after filling in for a dancer on the set of Beyonce’s “Grown Woman” video. The following day she was called upon to go on tour for the Mrs. Carter Would Tour and the rest is history.

When Dnay is touring she tries to maintain her internal clock on Eastern time by taking naps so that when she returns to NY the transition is smoother. Her tour days start each morning with breakfast then an hour of praise and worship, then checking social media, then it’s tour rehearsals. Once back on the tour bus the dancers will wind down; this is the time Dnay would usually color. She also finds time to speak to her parents several times a day as they share a close-knit relationship

Like the general workforce, dancers rehearse for 8 hours a day. They have a two-month time span to learn a one-and-a-half show. During this period dancers are taught the choreography and have time to learn spacing and perfect the choreography. However, when on tour for Bey rehearsals may last for 12 upwards to 15 hours a day. 

Dnay B. Beyonce dance

Photo: Lee Gumbs Photography via@dnaybisme

Being one of Beyonce’s primary dancers has given her a tremendous platform to fulfill her dreams and travel the word. 

“When I was little I was watching all these dancers, like wow I want that to be me! Now I’m sure there’s a trillion little girl watching like, Oh My God I want t be like that girl! and its an amazing feeling to know that my dream has come full circle”.

While on her first tour Dnay was in a relationship for five years which led to an egagement. A once positive relationship became sour once her schedule became hectic. Her fiance became toxic and was no longer supportive of her dreams. After dancing for Beyonce each day having her message echoed through her of respect and surrounding yourselve with people who are supportive; Dnay decided to brake off her engagement. Today she has no regrets and says “I would do it all over again, even sooner than last time”.

Dnay B’s advice to women who want both the  relationship and career success is to:

Put yourself first and be secure of who you are as a woman. Make your expectations are clear. Let them know as much as love is your priority your career is also. Take your time with it and be friends first so that he can experience your life, before you guys experience life together.

There was a time when Dnay B. didn’t feel beautiful being a woman of darker complexion; however, after some self-assessment she was able to appreciate her beauty. She credits her time working on the Lemonade album to also helping her to strengthen her image of herself and to start feeling beautiful.

Dnay B. dancer

Photo: Lee Gumbs Photography via @dnaybisme

When Dnay B. is not touring, sShe spends her down time having family over and enjoying game nights and Karaoke and watching live music and spending time with her current boyfriend.

She teaches a dance workshop titled “Dnay B’s Block Parties” which is about the love of dance, expressing yourself and having a good time mixed with a Harlem Flavor.

To get more of Dnay B. check out her website http://www.therealdnayb.com and find her on social media @dnaybisme

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