[VIDEO] About Him: Freshman Year- “Back In The Day” (Episode One)

about him freshman year
The cast of "About Him freshman year (l-r) Rocc, Darren Johnson, Brandon Karson, Rahim Brazil, and Desmond Fletcher

It’s a new day and a new debut in About Him history. Brandon Karson and Rahim Brazil are back in About Him: Freshman Year as “Damien” and “Kendall,” respectively. After the wild summer we all watched and fell for in the first season the boys are now ready to start college. This means new faces, new friends, and definitely more drama!

about him season 2

In case you didn’t know, the first episode of the new season dropped this morning and we already love it! Kendall is back up to his old tricks, and his powers of seduction have only gotten better. Meanwhile, Damien is determined to blaze his own path on campus;  steering clear of his brother and Vince– and men in general. That may be a lot harder than he realizes when he meets a “friendly” senior.

about him freshman year

The cast of “About Him: Freshman Year” (l-r) Darren Johnson, Brandon Karson, Rahim Brazil, Rocc, and Desmond Fletcher

This first episode, “Back In The Day,” gives you just enough intrigue, fun, and foreshadowing to let you know that summer is over, but the real story is about to begin. Tristan (Desmond Fletcher) and Shane (Rocc) are definitely welcomed additions to the cast. Their respective characters are a sharp contrast to Kendall and Damien. The energy, the chemistry, and the foundation for some powerful storytelling are there and we cannot wait for more! Still, Damien cannot avoid his brother and Vince forever since they all do go to the same school. We are sure Bawn TV will be recasting their characters. After all, Damien has to face his fears, it’s all a part of really “coming of age.”

This time around it’s not “About Him,” but it is “About Him” and him, and HIM! Anthony Bawn is an amazing director, and Tyson Anthony, yet again has written yet another masterpiece. Don’t take our word for it, however, check out the first episode by clicking here and subscribing to Bawn TV for a mere $4.99/month, or do it for a year and save almost twenty dollars! Be sure you check back here for more exclusive About Him: Freshman Year content coming soon!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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