Writer, Actor, & Absolutely Amazing! We’ve Got Nothing But LOVE For Alex Jante!

alex jante

It is no secret that we at HeyMikeyATL love our web series, and more importantly web stars! The flare, performances, and risque world these budding actors have introduced us to is nothing short of addictive. By now, you might feel as if you know all there is to know about web stars. Perhaps you think there’s a simple formula to them– face, body, sex scenes, rinse and repeat–but you would be wrong. Especially when it comes Alex Jante, a true gem.

Alex  Jante is not your average guy, let alone web star.

This amazing young man is also an actor, writer, author and one of the stars of Signal 23 TV’s hit web series, Steel River: When We Were Young!

alex jante

As you may already know, Steel River: When We Were Young is a prequel to Signal 23 TV’s flagship series, Steel River. Alex portrays “Will” a straight laced young man on the cusp of adulthood, who dreams of having a better life. Will also struggles with his sexuality, not knowing where his feelings end or begin when it comes to his best friend, Addison(Travis Demetri). “Will is a very passionate and loyal person in my opinion and perspective…he is a person who is really engaged in his friendship with Addison…he is cool and he knows about the other characters, but his loyalty really lies with Addison.” Interestingly, unlike most of the characters in the series, Will seems to be almost repulsed by his same sex attractions as evidenced by his face in key scenes. “So Will is the character that is very much like I said loyal to Addison up to the point that I believe he realizes Addison is struggling with his sexuality and because of who he is he wants his friend to be comfortable around him…so in that he becomes a little bit more affectionate and endearing and find himself in the head space of knowing he has love for Addison, but struggling with wondering is he in love with him just to be comfortable…I feel like Will is the type of person where if you were to be gay he is the person you would actually want to be with. For him it’s not necessarily the idea of a gay or straight struggle, just a relationship with Addison…” 

alex jante hey mikey atl

Will may be struggling with his sexuality, but his sex scene with “Jackson” (Sherrod Willis), the brother of his girlfriend, nearly broke the internet! We dare say until the arrival of Tex Brown it was the most risque scene in web series history! Interestingly, Alex feels Will was taken advantage of in the scene, making it more of a sexual assault that actual consensual sex. “So if you were paying attention to that scene Will was raped and taken advantage of…We have to take note of what Will had been through up to that point. He saw his friend, Addison, vulnerable and going through some things, he saw another another person he went to school with kind of in a ‘sexual matter,’ and that was like the first time anyone had ever really tried Will. Even though he is in the company of those who are comfortable in that type of ‘realm’…Will didn’t know how to handle it and he just kind of fell into the moment.” Alex goes on to say he feels sorry for Will. “He’s in a situation where all he really wants is to be successful in his own way…he’s kind of on track in life and this feeling and this closeness [with Addison] is something that he’s battling with. You see that in how he treats Addison when he retorts and goes from being caring and endearing to kind of outright rejecting him.” Alex admits, however, it was fun playing Will and looks forward to the audience seeing how he develops.

Surely, Alex Jante is a force to be reckoned with on camera, but he is just as much, if not more so, a force to be reckoned with in the writers’ room. Yep, here we have a bona fide actor who can also write! To date he has written episodes of About Justin, Tex Brown, About Him Season 2: The Revolution and About Her. “It is really gratifying to see your work come to life. I enjoy writing and story telling so much. I just feel there are so many stories out there to be told and bring to the screen.” Besides screenwriting, Alex has also written his own book which is a part of the Library of Congress and is currently working on a project to be released in October–a horror film! “I’m really into horror, and I’m hoping it’s something you guys are going to really like. Well i know you will [he laughs]”

Alex Jante truly has it all brains, body, beauty, and the iron “Will” to soar to new heights. Surprisingly, he is single, revealing he has been very focused on his work, but does reveal what kind of guys he likes. “I’m single [he laughs]! The door is open…so I’m at the point in my life where the type of guy that fits me is someone who is self-assured in who they are. I feel like a lot of people aare broken in many different facets to the point where things don’t work out in the places they need them to work out so they’ll try to mimic others and it doesn’t work out the same way. I just feel like good, bad, or different; whatever drives your passion I need a person to be self-aware of who they are…not be so fickle to what’s popular at the time…I don’t need you to still be trying to find yourself at this point in life…” Alex is indeed a man who knows what he wants, and what we want is to see a lot more of him! This is a man of love–love of work, love of self, and most importantly love of life! Be sure you catch Alex in more episodes of Steel River: When Were Young and soon in About Him Season 2: The Revolution!

alex jante body

IG: @alexjante

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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