[VIDEO/PICS] Get Your First Look! Netflix’s Hit Series, “The Get Down,” (@TheGetDown) Returns in April!

the get down key art poster

“Netflix Forever!” Is what we  are currently yelling now  that we know The Get Down is returning to the network on April 7th! Yep that means, more of Ezekiel, Mylene, Shaolin Fantastic, The Kipling Brothers (Ra-Ra, Boo-Boo, & Dizzee), Cadillac, Fat Annie, and the rest of this amazing cast are back!  At last we get to flashback to The Bronx in the late seventies when disco music ruled the scene and hip-hop, known as “The Get Down” was a fledgling genre in the streets and alleys of the dying burough.

We manage to get our hands on a few pictures from the upcoming second part to the series; and Netflix has released a juicy trailer you must see below!

Clearly things are heating up for the kids this time around. As you recall, when we left off in the first part of the series, Mylene had just scored her first hit single, becoming an overnight sensation, meanwhile Ezekiel was living the best of both worlds as he began working for the city and he and the rest of the Fantastic Four +1 won their first major rap battle. Still, success is never an easy thing to ascertain and it looks like every single character is going to have to fight to keep their share and climb higher. Especially, Shao who seems to be fighting for his very soul!

the get down logo netflix

We are so happy the rumors of The Get Down’s cancellation were untrue! This series is truly a coming of age story and speaks right into the hearts of true hip-hop fans everywhere.  The nostalgia, story line, and actors are just what we needed to for a little quality entertainment. Check out some pictures from the Part 2 coming out April 7th below! Make sure you binge watch, we know we will! Happy viewing! #NetFlixForver!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

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