[VIDEO] Your “About Him” BAE is Back! A #HeyMikeyATL Exclusive w/ Brandon Karson (@mrbrandonkarson)!

brandon karson
Brandon Karson

It is hard to believe it has been almost a year since About Him took the internet by storm. Since then the hit web series has experienced a few “growing pains,” but it has managed to stick around the for the fans that made it a runaway hit last summer. Even more exciting is Brandon Karson reprising his role of “Damien” in the series! However, just because Brandon is back that does not mean things are the same for Damien. Our boy has grown up and he is headed to his first year of college in Tyson Anthony’s About Him: Freshman Year!

brandon karson

brandon karson about him freshman year

When we last left off in the first season, Damien was reeling from Vincent’s (Gary Lavard) rejection and now had to navigate college life solo. Well based on the first episode of this current season Damien is still lost and trying to figure out campus life without summer love and older brother. Thankfully we managed to snag an interview with Brandon as he sheds light, and puts life into Damien this season! “I’m so happy to be back, you know when everyone was telling me that we were gonna have a talk again I was actually pretty excited…this is quite a conversation that needed to be had…”

We definitely agree with Brandon and are stoked to answer all of your questions when it comes your “About Him BAE.” Check out out out exclusive interview with him below!

Talking with Brandon really is like catching up with an old friend–enlightening, endearing, and always fun. You can always count on getting a little wisdom, a lot of laughs, and some awesome memories whenever he is in the room. You all just be sure to catch the second episode of the series debuting today; and see more About Him: Freshman Year when you subscribe to Bawn TV by clicking here! Happy viewing!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

Videography By: Josh Craig

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