#FoodieFriday: The Liquor You’ll Love To Eat–“Lit Ass Wings!”

lit ass wings logo

Originality seems to be a thing of the past, especially in 2017. Nowadays innovations come few and far in between. Everything is often watered down or rebooted and repackaged. Just check out the plethora of nineties sitcom revivals! Thus when it comes to something new–and edible–we are always down for trying it out.

Prepare to get your eat–and drink on (sort of)–with Lit Ass Wings!

Lit Ass Wings is a poppin’ new wing company from the Metro Atlanta area that specializes in–and you’re going to love this–alcohol infused chicken wings!

lit ass wings wing flavors

Immediately you might think of “chicken and beer,” but you would as wrong as these wings are lit! Lit Ass Wings, however, are made from a combination of actual liquors, spices, and sauces that give the meat a tasty, but liquored flavoring! The wings come in a number of flavors; Hennessy Barbecue, Sweet Chilli Patron, Honey Jack Daniels’ Tennessee Whiskey Barbecue, Bacardi Heat, 1800 Degrees, Crown Royal Applewood Barbecue, and Hawaiian Pineapple Ciroc! YUM! Each order is served with side of potato wedges, or when in demand specialty macaroni and cheese! Darryl delivered us some Hennessy Barbecue and Sweet Chilli Patron Wings earlier this week. All we can say is we are now avid customers!

darryl padgett creator and owner of lit ass wings

Darryl Padgett, creator, chef, and owner of “Lit Ass Wings”

Lit Ass Wings is the brainchild  of Darryl Padgett, a project he began back in college and took off when he began to bring them for lunch. “…I started off doing the Hennessy [Barbecue] wings, and took some to work for lunch. I use to bring them as samples and everyone kept telling me I should sell them and I ran with it…” Darryl has definitely not only ran with his wings, but made them a must have party food at a number of Atlanta events, the biggest being Black Ink Crew Atlanta’s grand opening party!

Naturally, he cannot disclose the secret ingredients or process that make his wings pop but he does admit his liquor is legit! “Everything is real, I don’t fake on the alcohol, it’s pure, and I mix it with the sauce.” His recent successes and the demands are pushing him towards catering and away from smaller orders. “I’m actually forming an event team that will come with media and everything needed for a gathering or party in one…” Don’t be dismayed, however, Lit Ass Wings does still non-alcoholic, traditional flavored wings as well for our virgin eaters and they delivers; but only for orders that are above twenty dollars. You can get your wings by checking out the contact info below!  Be sure you get your order in and get lit today!

lit ass wings hey mikey atl

PHONE: 404-563-9294

EMAIL: litasswings@gmail.com

INSTAGRAM: @lit_ass_wings

FACEBOOK: facebook.com/litasswings


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