[VIDEO/TRAILER] New Web Series Alert! “L.I.T.: The Mini Series,” Starring Rico Pruitt!

l.i.t. lit the mini series

It has barely been three weeks since Rico Pruitt broke the internet with his debut porn scenes with BlackBoysAddictionz and many of us have been wondering what has he been up to?

And more importantly what would his next move be? Well, it looks like the former  About Him and About Justin  web star has been busy starring in Corey Knott’s newest web series, (the creator and director of Living For The WeekendL.I.T.: The Mini Series.

rico pruitt blackboysaddictionz porno

Here, Rico plays a young man who has moved to Atlanta for a new life and a new chance at love with his boyfriend, Quan. Unsurprisingly things go well for him at first until he is introduced to the darker, faster side of the gay lifestyle of the city when he begins working at a club called “L.I.T.”. Drugs, sexy, and alcohol seemingly cost him everything. Check out the trailer below:

We have to admit this extended trailer is HOT! Perhaps one of the more explosive ones we have ever seen. This will definitely be a web series to watch this Spring, not only because we get to see more of Rico, but his other hot cast mates as well. Justen Ruff, Gorgeous Montana, Zahfar, Jovantae Brownlee, Mustang, and Tyrell Moore are all very attractive men! Still, we have never seen Rico in a serious, dramatic role like this one. It looks like our “Best Friend” is finally all grown up!

Tragically, this story is all too real and at times hits close to home. How many times have we seen or heard stories of young Black Gay Men moving to Atlanta hopeful and inspired only to lose themselves in the darker aspects of the city’s Black Gay subcultures. We know there is a lesson to be learned from this miniseries, but perhaps it should serve as a cautionary tale just as much as a vehicle for entertainment.

Check back here for more info and maybe a few interviews (crossing our fingers)!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning


  1. Damn who is the boy on the stairs that asks him if he got a nigga and still end up with him on the hood of the car with his ass out? I am in love with him already. I watched him like 1000 times he so SEXY. Thanks

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