#ThrowbackThursday- Crime Mob (@CrimeMobAtl)!

crime mob


Much has changed in Atlanta’s rap scene since Crime Mob released their breakout single, “Knuck If You Buck” back in 2004. Now a decade after the release of their last album, the pioneering crunk group has reunited and announced  new plans for 2017!

“Knuck If You Buck,” was the biggest song of their career and arguably the best song during that time frame. I think we all remember bouncing around the room or club to the beat. Since then, the group hasn’t released a single that can be considered an equivalent follow-up. During a recent concert over the weekend, sponsored by Atlanta’s radio show, the group did an interview with Big Tigger where they spoke about a brand new album that is coming this year.

Crime Mob is returning to the music scene after 10 years!

Throwback Thursday: Crime Mob

I tried to tell ya #crimemob

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Lil’ Jay from Crime Mob was the one who dropped the news right before he touched on another topic: Diamond and Princess, the girls of the group, are dropping their duo album as well this year. It looks like Crime Mob is definitely working and looking to bring some more of that ATL sound to the music industry.

Although the group has been out of the game for a minute, that hasn’t stopped rappers from engaging in the sounds of their well-known record. Let’s be honest, many of us remember rocking to ‘Knuck If You Buck”, we had no clue about how to “Juju On That Beat”, no shade. In 2016, the instrumental to the song was used to soundtrack Zay Hilfigerrr and Zayion McCall’s viral smash hit “Juju On That Beat”. 

In reference to that song, during the interview with Big Tigger, Princess said, “I didn’t like it until we started getting them checks”.   

Crime Mob has always managed to drop some of the hottest singles! Dropping songs like, ‘Rock Yo Hips’, ‘Stilettos’, ‘Circles’ and more!


I’m happy to see Crime Mob is on it’s way back out, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what new music they are about to rip the streets up with!

 Check out their interview below with Big Tigger.


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