[VIDEO] #CelebrityCrush-Roshon Fegan (@ROSHON)

Mondays are the days we all sit around and wait for over at HeyMikeyATL. While most people are moaning and groaning about having to say goodbye to the weekend, we’re getting our morning cup of joe ready and waiting for #BaeDay to arrive. Today’s Celebrity Crush is a real treat and I’m sure you all will agree. He’s a definite triple-threat in the Entertainment Industry – so beware.

Roshon Fegan is our new BAE on this #CelebrityCrush Monday!

Born in Los Angeles, California, Roshon Fegan had entertainment in his blood – his father is the infamous actor and producer Roy Fegan who’s acting credits include “Hanging With Mr. Cooper”, “The Meteor Man”, “Martin” and a host of others. Roshon instantly took a liking to his father’s craft and instead of following in his footprints, he made one all his own. Fegan is a triple-threat entertainer known for his freestyle dancing, amazing acting abilities and his lyricism.

Roshon Fegan at the 58th annual Grammys

Roshon Fegan at the 58th annual Grammys

Roshon’s most notable roles have been on the Disney Channel hit show “Shake it Up” starring alongside Zendaya and Bella Thorne where he played the older brother Ty to Zendaya’s character Rocky Blue. You might also remember Roshon from his stint as Sander Loyer in the Disney Channel original movie “Camp Rock” where he shared the spotlight with Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers. In 2012, Roshon appeared on the fourteenth season of “Dancing with the Stars” where he made it to the final six.

While we haven’t seen much of Roshon as of lately, we have no doubt in our minds that he is up to something major. He is a songwriter, actor, producer, artist, and all around entertainer – that means he’s always working whether he’s making a hot track or practicing his dance skills in the studio. Roshon, go ahead and hone your skills baby. You’ve already got our attention.

Written By: Monique C. Tillman

monique c. tillman


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