[VIDEO] HeyMikeyATL Exclusive: Young, Blonde, & Fresh! It’s All About Rocc (@TheOfficialRocc)!

rocc about him freshman year

About Him: Freshman Year is in full swing and we could not be happier!

Brandon Karson and Rahim Brazil have reprised their roles of “Damien” and “Kendall,” respectively, returning with some new and equally sexy faces.

One of the newest and extermely attractive additions to the cast is the blonde bombshell, Rocc Sherrill! Rocc portrays “Shane,” a senior at Damien’s college who is suppose to to serve as his big brother/mentor.  However, he soon becomes his first college hookup the consequences of which may affect Damien in the worst ways!

rocc about him freshman year

HeyMikeyATL snagged an exclusive interview with the budding web star and actor shortly before the debut of the series’ new season. Needless to say we were impressed the newbie’s poise and straightforwardness. Rocc reveals his audition process for About Him was unique. “…I was friends with Tyson Anthony, the creator of the show, on Facebook [and he] posted about it and I sent him a clip of a scene I did from another web series that never [got] published and he liked it so much that he brought me on…”  Check out Rocc’s full interview with us in the video below!

About Him: Freshman Year may be Rocc’s first breakout role, but we are sure it certainly will not be his last. The boy has the looks, the personality, and the class to be a true star in the entertainment industry and we cannot wait to see what he does with all of his raw and unfiltered talent. We get the feeling we are going to love to hate him as Shane on the series, but then again a series is only as good as its villain is bad!

Be sure you subscribe to Bawn TV and check out the latest episodes of About Him: Freshman Year by clicking here! Happy viewing!

Written & Hosted By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

Videography By: Joshua Craig

Special Thanks to WTTRadio!

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