[VIDEOS] 3 Days of Hotness Counting Down 23 Days to “About Him Season 2: The Revolution!”

about him season 2 gary lavard chris june thomas mackey
Stars of Signal 23 TV's "About Him Season 2: The Revolution" (l-r) Gary Lavard, Chris Juune, and Thomas Mackey

We love About Him!

 Signal 23 TV is still delivering awesome original content and its crowning series, About Him Season 2: The Revolution is about to debut on April 23rd–pun intended, obviously!

As you recall, the new season of the series on the network will not be a continuation of the first season, but instead is becoming an anthology series focusing on an all-new story line and besides Gary Lavard, a new cast! Check out a few teasers for the series below.

gary lavardchris june shirtless body

We have to admit we will watch anything with Gary Lavard, and now Chris June, in it! The former is a great actor and the latter is a fresh (and handsome face) we are more than curious about! Signal 23 TV has begun a twenty-three day promotional campaign leading up to the premiere of About Him Season 2: The Revolution. Each day a different cast member or someone associated with the series is teasing information that only makes us want to watch this web series more and more! Check out the first three days of videos they have released below with Gary, Thomas Mackey, and Alexander Jackson!


Day 2 of About Him Season 2 Countdown “Thomas Mackey”

Day 3 of About Him Season 2 Countdown “Alexander Jackson”

You can bet we will be sure to post the new videos coming up this month–yes, all twenty-three of them–right here on HeyMikeyATL. Fans are highly anticipating this new take on About Him and it looks like Signal 23 TV has really brought their A-Game with this project. Sure some fans will miss seeing the original cast in action, but sometimes to make a show a true hit–or movement–as this series seems to be hinting at you have to make some changes. Check back here soon for interviews with the cast! Happy viewing!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

michael fanning kontrol magazine hey mikey atl

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