#FashionCrush- Jaden Smith (@officialjaden)

jaden smith

Not much can be said about the success of young Jaden Smith.

Being the spawn of two internationally famous stars could easily lead you down a road of despair and disappointing career choices–and who’s to say this still couldn’t happen? However, at this very moment no celebrity kid is as hot as Jaden! His amazing style can only be categorized as High Street Glam. The playful mix of high end brands with contemporary urban streetwear, accompanied by those now signature locs. It evokes a style reminiscent of a young Jean-Michele Basquiat (I could totally see him doing a biopic in the future!).

As influential as his style is, it only seemed necessary that our Louis Vuitton would collaborate with the young actor for an iconic campaign. The images were classic, utilizing Smith’s laid back swag as he even dared to wear a studded skirt in the pictures. It is things like this that keep Jaden on the front rows of Paris’ hottest runway shows. Even his onscreen style makes bold statements, as seen on the Netflix series, The Get Down (premiering the second half of its first season this this weekend). There he portrays “Dizzy/Rumi,” a meek graffiti artist, who along with his best friends and brothers, stumbles onto a cultural revolution. As a fashion lover, I couldn’t help but drool over his seventies style consisting of jean jackets covered in buttons, figure hugging bell bottoms, and sporting a voluminous Afro!

the get down male cast

Though still a very young man, it is clear Jaden Smith has the drive and the style to measure, or dare I even say, surpass the success of his megastar parents. It is weird to reflect on how excited I get whenever I see him on my timeline or television screen. For me, I have seen a lot of stars shine brightly only to quickly dim. When it comes to Jaden, however, his name will ring from coast to coast for years to come!

Written By: Dominique Bedell

dominique bedell

IG: @artfreak88

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