[PHOTOS] In Eggplant News: Former NFL Player, Johnny Patrick’s Nude Pics Leaked!

johnny patrick dick pictures

It is a new day and that means we have been gifted with another famous person’s eggplant to gawk at. Surprisingly, this time around it does not belong to a singer, actor, or even reality television star, instead we have a bona fide athlete! As you can see from the main image the celebrity eggplant to show today belongs to former NFL Player, Johnny Patrick!

johnny patrick

We really have not heard much from Johnny since he left the New Orleans Saints and found himself with the Canadian League (Who knew they had a football league, let alone played the sport!) team, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Well where there is thirst and groupies there are bound to be exposes and risque pictures to hit the net. We are not mad at all, however, Johnny is a real pleasure to look at. Just check out a few of his pictures below.

johnny patrick shirtlessjohnny patrick

Nevertheless, we know what you came to see and these pictures are “dandy” indeed. You can see them by going over to the next page. As always, however, we have to inform you that this is GRAPHIC CONTENT, VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED!

johnny patrick nude pictures

johnny patrick nude pictures

There have been quite a few eggplants that have found their way through this site, but this one has to definitely be of the “thicker” persuasion to say the least. We just wonder when will people, especially famous, learn the etiquette and master the fine art of sexting? For one, you never put your face in the picture, two, never take a nude selfie in front of a mirror, and three never send a picture that can affect your livelihood or endorsement deals. We digress, however, and are more interested in hearing what you think of Johnny’s eggplant. Hot or not? Leave your answer in our comments section below! Happy lusting!

Written By: SJP

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